Thursday, December 31, 2015

Los Angeles – Star Wars: George Lucas apologizes after dealing Disney “of slavery” – L’Express

In an interview with journalist Charlie Rose –dont featured excerpts were broadcast in November but has been fully unveiled these jours–, Lucas said: “ The characters of Star Wars + + are my children . I love them, I made them, I am very intimately related to them “.

And you sold them ” observes the journalist.

I sold to white slave traders who take these things “, says the filmmaker.

Thursday issued a statement for “ clarify what I said on the show Charlie Rose “, an interview “ before the film’s premiere “.

I have spoken ill and have used an analogy very awkward and I apologize ,” he adds.

I work with Disney for 40 years and I chose to take care of the inheritance + Star Wars + because of my respect for the company and its leader Bob Iger “.

I am delighted that Disney owns the rights to the saga and takes him in one direction so exciting, both in the cinema, on television and in amusement parks , “he adds.

I am most of all impressed by the success at the box office of the new movie and am very proud of JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy “, respectively director of “ Revival of force “and president of Lucasfilm, he concludes.

The new “ Star Wars ” became the film at supersonic speed to highest grossing Disney history in North America.

With $ 629 million in counter in North America, “ + The Rise of force + became the Disney movie with stronger historical recipes in theaters in North America “at Disney said in a statement Thursday.

The film goes beyond “ 13 days only 623.4 million dollars accumulated ” by superheroes of “ Avengers ” in 2012, which previously held the record, he adds.

Han Solo, Princess Leia, and new heroes of the galactic saga Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron, however, not yet beaten the dinosaur “ Jurassic World ” biggest film in North America in 2015 with 652.3 million dollars.

At the global level, “ The awakening of force ” first “ Star Wars ” in ten years, has already accumulated 1.29 billion dollars.

Within Disney, he is ahead “ The Snow Queen ” (1.27 billion) to the more lively –dessin grossing histoire– but does yet eclipsed “ Avengers ” ($ 1.5 billion).

The road is still long to supplant the two largest historic commercial success in Hollywood to date, two feature films by James Cameron: “ Avatar ” (2010 and 2 , $ 79 billion in revenue), and “ Titanic ” (2.2 billion in 1997). The latest installment “ Star Wars ” is currently eighth.


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