Saturday, December 26, 2015

Louane, kendji girac and Adele on top of sales in 2015 – Stars News

According to figures published by Pure, Louane, kendji girac and Adele are the artists who have sold the most records in 2015 in France. In other words it is the younger generation who took control.

In a market that remains fairly gloomy, note that French singers did better than resist international artist since one is in the top 10 . Let us enter now into details of numbers.

If one refers only to sales of the year 2015, and provided not to make any cumulation, it is Louane who wins first place with over 700,000 copies sold of his album “Room 12″.

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It ‘ Adele is taking second place with her last baby “25″ already up to 565,000 copies when it is released at the end of the year.

But the big winner remains undoubtedly kendji girac as possible. Why ? Well, because the winner of “The Voice” class two albums this year!

If we combine the figures of these two albums, it is kendji number 1. Released in 2014 “kendji girac” has yet elapsed to 550,000 copies in 2015, a cumulative 1.1 million since its release. A figure which should be added the 345,000 sales of her second studio album “Together”. In the single year 2015, it has sold 895,000 discs for a total of nearly 1.5 million units.

In fourth place we find “Christine and the Queens” whose album “Warmth” displays 380,000 additional sales in 2015, a cumulative 540,000 since its release.

followed Francis Cabrel with “In extremis” (360,000 sales), Master Gims with “My heart was right” (340,000 sales), Calogero with “Fireworks” (290,000 sales), with Les Enfoirés “On the Road” (280,000 sales) and finally with Johnny Hallyday “In love” (255,000 sales).


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