Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Video – Mylène Farmer: “City of Love”, the clip inspired by Tim Burton – Gala

A highly anticipated video, which called for hours and hours of work to Pascal Laugier, the director: City of Love , the new single by Mylène Farmer finally enjoys a clip. And not just any particular inspired Edward Scissorhands , it offers an amazing singer role winged creature

She had revealed the first pictures there are now ten days: Mylène Farmer has finally released the video for City of Love , her new single – after Stolen Car duet with Sting. Able to produce true small films to illustrate his pieces, the singer has once again not skimp on resources: forty people were mobilized for the shooting, which extended over nearly 48 hours . Installed at the Château de Chamblis, about fifty kilometers from Paris, the team including past half past six to make up Mylène Farmer – a necessary time, to transform it into a strange and touching creature

. are of Hitchcock, the Guillermo Del Toro, and especially Tim Burton in the video for City of Love . Mylène Farmer incarnates a female version of Edward Scissorhands no scissors instead of hands here, but claws – and especially in the back wings damaged, unusable . Like its predecessor played by Johnny Depp, Mylène Farmer is looking for love in an empty mansion. The singer, whose latest album Interstellar was released on November 6, will then find solace only from a wooden dummy. An ersatz humans, whose embrace enough to reassure the creature and make him realize that love exists -. Regardless of appearances


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