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The Secret History of the famous Petit papa Noël Tino Rossi – Le Figaro

MAJOR FRENCH SONGS – Le Figaro unveils the origins of this unforgettable song sold over 30 million copies, and that each year the Corsican voices resumed for the delight of young and old.

“Small dad Christmas when you come down from heaven. .. “Everyone knows the words by heart, yet few know the true origin of the song by Tino Rossi. Sold over 30 million copies since its release in 1946, this title became a Christmas hymn immortalized the crooner honey voice. On the occasion of December 25, Le Figaro offers to return to the secret genesis of this tube

Like Napoleon and Pascal Paoli, Tino Rossi -. Of his real name Constantine, and nicknamed “Tintin” – represents the Island of Beauty. He was born April 29, 1907. At Ajaccio. It was called also “the Napoleon of the disc,” “Emperor of romance” or the “Nightingale of the century”. He was a demigod before the war. His fans were suffering from a strange contagious disease: “tinorossite”. Hordes of women threw themselves under the wheels of its cars, wanted to snatch his overcoat. This side Rudolf Valentino, insular Casanova. Superstar to the “velvet voice”. 400 million records sold. Tino remains the biggest seller of French albums of all time.

Sacha Guitry, who made the turn – a role gondolier – If Royal Affairs in Versailles , said of him: “The most famous Corsica, whose voice is . a poem “When dédicaça his Napoleon, he wrote, witty:” In the most famous of the Corsicans least one “His close friend Marcel Pagnol – Rossi will perform the role of Franz Schubert in La Belle Meuniere – declared.: “As it is light in one hemisphere, when it is night in the other, it is moving to think that her golden voice has never stopped singing for thirty years.” “A voice comes on hormones” , he added. As Elvis Presley. Charles Trenet went there of his verse: “There is a voice like that in a century, and that of Tino is extraordinary that she was driven to a single copy.” Honey voice, so that covered three octaves, as out of time.

Petit papa Noël is undoubtedly the most famous song of the singer. It dates from 1946, was written by Raymond Vincy and composed by Henri Martinet, on an orchestration of Raymond Legrand. Was recorded for the film Destinies Richard Pottier.

“Before the Petit papa Noël , I felt in my little shoes,” said Tino Rossi one year before his death. The song is reissued every December, breaking all sales records: 30 million copies in a few decades. Or 300,000 per year. This is called an annuity. The “single” most sold in France with Do not leave me , Jacques Brel. A parcel of our childhood remembers a December 24 at the time, looking forward to the next morning, they tried to fall asleep, “Petit Papa Noël / When you come down from heaven / With thousands of toys / N ‘not forget my little shoe / Before leaving / We will have to cover yourself / Outside you’ll be so cold / It’s just because of me. “

Jacques Chancel remembers his” Grand Chessboard “dedicated to the singer. We were January 29, 1981, almost two years before the death of the artist (26 September 1983). Three and a half hours direct: “He received a very warm welcome. Someone nice, borrowed, a commoner who became a notable. Very surprised that I received it. He embodied the French crooner. (…) It is not easier than the song Petit papa Noël is a melody of some notes, a nursery rhyme for children who are very accessible imposed everywhere. I heard in Tokyo, New York … It’s a song that completely beyond me. I sacrifice to the tradition every Christmas with children and grandchildren. “

André Flédérick was the director of the show. He remembers having interviewed the composer of the song. Henri Martinet, who did not rolling in money, was pianist hotel in Marseille. “When I met Tino Rossi says Flédérick, he was very charming, very cool. It was a gentleman a little round, he loved the table, great food, there was a lot of money but did not behave like a bourgeois. We must remember that it was a small fisherman before becoming a big star. All women were proud to run with him. He was not shy. As for Petit papa Noël , once you hear it, you can sing it immediately. Tino’s voice fits perfectly with this holiday season, “the song he interpreted the first time in public on the stage of the CBA, was taken by some interpreters: Chantal Goya, Dorothy, Henry soon, Dalida, Mireille Mathieu, Michèle Torr and … Trust Group – yes! – In 1988. And it is with this song that Tino Rossi became in 1949 the first French singer to obtain a gold record. From the 24 carat solid gold. It was he, Father Christmas.


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