Friday, December 18, 2015

Man in red Michel Polnareff: tiny Dad Christmas – Le Figaro

CRITICISM – Emphatic and steeped in good intentions, the new song the singer is not up to the expectation of which he is the subject for months

We knew Michel Polnareff busy in the studio for months to follow up to his album Kama Sutra , which dates back to 1990. A quarter century during which the man did everything except compose new songs, with the exception of a handful of forgettable titles immediately.

Live albums, tours sold out, Admiral, as his fans nicknamed community on social networks has never yet gone. Better, its rating has only grow as we rediscovered the amount of masterpieces he had recorded a few years, those between 1966 and 1970.

What makes even more cruel listening The man in red , which was unveiled on the night of Thursday to Friday. Contrary to what its title suggests, the song is not a tribute to Jean-Luc Mélenchon nor any political message, but an evocation of Santa, just days before the celebration of the holiday season. Sewn with white thread, clumsy, full of good feelings and easy rhymes (gift / backpack), the song proves that Polnareff is not, and has never been an inspired lyricist. No doubt he would entrust the writing of his new texts to people whose job it is, as he has done throughout his career.

The melody of the verses is very strong, with the intricacies that this musician is capable intermittently, the voice is assured, but the problem lies with the arrival of the chorus. For the first time, seems to run after Obispo Polnareff, his greatest follower and nemesis, he tyrannizing on Twitter but which it borrows emphasis. On a firefighter and bombastic orchestration kitsch and retro taste, Polnareff spreads the message of hope of the song, reaching out to forgotten upcoming celebrations.

Good deeds do not often make good songs, history has proven, Polnareff and adds a new piece to confirm. Hopefully the rest of the album, announced for the first quarter 2016, more inspired than the first extract.


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