Monday, December 21, 2015

VIDEO. Miss France 2016: “The crown does not yet take very good” – Le Parisien

She has slept only a few hours. In the car that brought the Lille first. Then in an amazing room overlooking the Place Vendome in the heart of Paris. It was there that Sunday morning found the new Miss France. A space-time lock that allowed this young woman from the town of Steenvorde (North) which has been called “Nord-Pas-de-Calais” during the months of preparation to become national beauty queen. The metamorphosis operated overnight

Sitting in front of us, Iris Mittenaere. – Pronounced “Mitenare” – slipped into a blue dress pulling the turquoise stands straight, legs bent, hands wisely asked about knees. Miss a pose. Before the interview, the barber gave him his crown. “She does not hold very well, we’ll find something,” she glides with ease. A phone lacquer, it is perfect.

Here’s the costume elegance hexagonal, elected with 26% of votes from viewers on Saturday night. “I live a waking dream, I do not realize,” she whispers as most Miss before her, whose life changed in a second. “I still can not tell me Miss France, she says again. The scarf is put you, the crown, but we do not see … It was only in the car that I took to look and see how beautiful she is. “

It is almost a coincidence that this daughter of a former teacher, guide today at Flanders museum in Kassel, and a professor of history arose in the election Miss Flanders. “She stood in Bailleul, right next to my house, they lacked candidates, one proposed to me, I agreed, I thought is destiny … And finally I do not regret, “she smiled.

 “I intend to resume my studies after this year”

The 22 year old student, fifth-year dental surgery – which has the highest score of the 31 candidates for the general knowledge test ( 17.5 / 20) – was not really predestined to become Miss France. This scarf, she did not dream since childhood like some. No, to 7 years is that she wants to become a dentist.

VIDEO. Miss France 2016: “I have always been intrigued by the human body!”

Curious about everything, she asks books on the human body for Christmas, to understand how it works, and a dentist transmits his passion … “I had to go see it several times, he was very pedagogue,” she recalls. A “vocation” as its title does not challenge. “I intend to resume my studies after this year,” she says. “We never had a dentist”, stressed Saturday night Sylvie Tellier, speaking of her as a person “very spontaneous, soft and soothing.”

 “I want to do a little something happen”

Incredibly cool, too, after less than four hours of sleep. Around her, the members of the sleepy organization. A low hum comes … the barber fell asleep on a sofa. “I do not feel tired, the adrenaline …” she smiled. And “shock” felt at the announcement of his name, that feeling of “emptiness”. “It seems that out of ourselves, we no longer feel his feet, his heels. “She thought rather third runner to have dreamed a few days earlier.

And now? Impossible to know. The only certainty Iris wants to be helpful. “I know we can not change everything with a smile, but I want to do a little something happen,” says one who intends to support causes close to his heart, schooling for girls and access to dental care, with the Good Fairies association, founded by former Miss twelve. It dares, Iris!

On holiday on Wednesday

It no longer belongs entirely when one is Miss France … Even before being elected, Iris already had a full agenda. Yesterday, the young woman has hardly left the Parisian palace in which successive all day journalists from newspapers, magazines and television stations, linking interviews and photo shoots. Sunday night, she moved into the apartment of the seventeenth arrondissement of Paris that Miss France Company makes available for the year in which she had dinner with her parents. Set given to them to let her go to bed early … The media tour continues today with live interventions on Europe 1, at 13 hours TF1, but also to LCI. A media frenzy suspended from Wednesday to ten days. “I’ll bring her back to her parents in Steenvoorde (Nord) and leave it there until January 4,” explains Sylvie Tellier.


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