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Miss parade in glamorous swimsuit … – TF1

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Every year, during the prestigious ceremony of Miss France, Miss have raised the temperature by scrolling glamorous swimsuit. A superb show on the Zenith stage Lille.

The 31 Miss jersey Wonderwoman

The 31 regional Miss not only had to prove their wit but of course their beauty. As beautiful inside and outside, such should be Miss France. And for this, as in every election, thus the Miss parade in bathing suits before Jean-Pierre Foucault, Sylvie Tellier, the jury, the audience and viewers. A great moment eagerly awaited by all, especially the male. And again this year, this event has not disappointed, far from it! Our Miss gave their all in a choreography on top.

The young women appeared all sublime and sexy as each other. Red jerseys bath absolutely beautiful piece that revealed the perfect curves of Miss. Tapered leg, flat bellies, firm and shapely body … They do not lack assets to seduce the jury and all the French!

The 12 two-piece swimsuit finalists

Miss Martinique, Miss Provence, Miss Tahiti, Miss Riviera, Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Miss Reunion, Miss Brittany, Aquitaine Miss, Miss Alsace, Miss Languedoc, Miss Val-Loire Centre and Miss Rhône-Alpes, the twelve finalists Miss, Mrs. Claus paraded in chic. Bathroom two red jerseys vermeil pieces embellished with white faux fur to remind the wife of Santa Claus. Under a snow rain, twelve Miss strolled always danced to the most dynamic and magical dances. ! So glamorous

Relive the swimsuit parade on the theme of super heroes:


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