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Nazi costumes, girls in bed and love of the whiskey: the singer Lemmy three anecdotes – FranceTV info

A life of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, as is the maxim. Lemmy, lead singer of heavy metal band Motörhead, died at the age of 70, Tuesday, December 29. He was suffering from cancer, the company said in a statement.

A true music legend, he left behind twenty albums and hymns known internationally as “The Ace of Spade” . Although the dead men tell no tales (in English, “Dead Men Tell No Tales”) in the words of one of his titles 1979 info FranceTV returns three anecdotes that defined the iconic Lemmy Motörhead.

He was fascinated by the Nazi regime

Maltese cross around his neck, Nazi cap on the head: Lemmy has a lot of talk for her eccentric look. In an interview with fanzine New York Waste (in English), the rockstar explained his taste for objects from the Third Reich: “I do not collect only Nazi stuff, but objects of all Axis countries “, he explained.

In 2008, Lemmy created a scandal by posing as a Nazi uniform to a German magazine, that which is banned in the country, told the Guardian (English) . “Since the beginning of time, the bad guys always had the best uniforms. Napoleon, the Confederates, the Nazis. They all had uniforms killers he told New York Waste . I mean, the uniform of the SS was great. They were the rock stars of the time. “

No question as to share political ideas of Adolf Hitler . “Do not tell me that I’m a Nazi , he launches the Guardian In 1967, I had my first little black friend and other packet from. I just do not understand racism, I never thought it was an option. “

It would have slept with over 2000 women

Lemmy has never hidden his love for women and has consistently displayed the scantily clad ladies arm. A Libération he explained settling in Los Angeles (USA) “because the girls are half naked.” This is also to appeal it would have started to make music. “A real trap chicks, guitar … I live only for girls and fans” , he still told the French newspaper.

The unbridled sexuality Lemmy also made his legend. In a documentary by Britain’s Channel 4, entitled Motorhead: Live Fast, Die Old (“Live fast, die old, French), the journalist says the singer with sideburns would ” slept with nearly 2000 women “.

More modest about his seductive capabilities, Lemmy does not claim that a thousand conquests, in an interview with Tampa Bay Times (in English) . In 2009, the men’s magazine Maxim also credited with eighth place in its list of “living legends of sex.”

He hated heroin and vegetables …

Not very adept goes “a healthy mind in a healthy body” Lemmy are going strong on the bottle. Especially the Jack Daniel’s, of which he was a big fan. To spare his diabetes, he explained last August in Guardian have been obliged to swap his favorite whiskey against vodka-orange. In Los Angeles, Lemmy took up residence at the Rainbow Bar, a club on the famous Sunset Boulevard. The boss kept at the risk of prosecution, the only smoking area of ​​the city just for him, noted Libération in 2006.

And if Lemmy boasted of having consumed all kinds of psychotropic substances, however, hate heroin. And that, above all. “I hate this shit, he tells Goldmine (English) It has killed many of my friends . “ For his son, he also said to have given one piece of advice: ” Does not use heroin Never “

Otherwise, it is clear that Lemmy has not done much for staying healthy “Personally, I never eat vegetables. It’s too healthy for me , he amused himself in the columns of Libération . My model is Humphrey Bogart in his wheelchair, consumed by cancer, who continued to give lavish parties. “ There will be no enough time. Lemmy died just two days after the diagnosis of her withering cancer.

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