Saturday, December 26, 2015

“Star Wars VII”, the most “social” film of the year – The Point

It was to be expected: after only a few days on the screens, the highly anticipated new installment of Star Wars , combining old and new characters, beating record after record. Made on a budget of $ 200 million, it should have crossed the billion dollars in revenue by Sunday evening. Avatar , so far the biggest hit of the global box office, had meanwhile reported $ 2.8 billion in revenue. Here, Disney signed Derivatives course change the equation: they should bring much more than the film itself.

140 million interactions around Star Wars

Meanwhile, Star Wars VII has already broken another record: the buzz on social networks. It would thus have generated more than 4.9 million messages on Twitter, just for its first weekend in theaters. In total, it is now traded almost 19 million. What were they talking about? Twitter says the top 10 keywords, here translated into French. Spoiler, good, excited, ready, best, love, hype, blessed, impressive and super

Facebook for its part, announced last Monday that more than 64 million people had talked about during this same weekend, raising 140 million interactions around Star Wars. In all, the network counted more than 90 million in social interactions the days preceding and following the film’s release, a third more than in the last Avengers . According to figures disclosed by Synthesio, users also speak many old and new characters in the intergalactic saga: 43.1% speak of old characters, 29.9% of new, starting with Rey (25.7%) to BB-8 (24.2%) and Ren Kylo (18.3%). As for the old characters, not surprisingly, is Han Solo they are discussing the most (22.6%).

But even more than Luke, BB8, Darth Vader or Han Solo, Twitter revealed it’s first director, JJ Abrams, that people have spoken. A director who has just recognized to be more than disappointed not to make the rest of the Force Wake . Written and directed by Rian Johnson, still devoid of title for now, episode 8 will be released May 24, 2017.


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