Saturday, April 18, 2015

“Batman v Superman” online leaks upset the plan … – Liberation

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Just recovering from the latest trailer of Star Wars , the geeks once again brushed stroke with the online publication of the first (real) 2016 blockbuster images, Batman Superman v , following the disappointing Man of Steel already signed by the same beefy Zack Snyder and prelude to a true cinematic universe for DC Comics, inspired by the model with Marvel Avengers and other galactic guards.

On line yesterday, this first trailer of the film announced to March 23, 2016 has already been viewed more than 3.5 million times on YouTube.

We find Henry Cavill in the role of Superman (the Man of Steel obviously not inspire confidence of his contemporaries, quick to burn qualified idol of false god) and the trailer to discover Ben Affleck in the Batman costume. He succeeds Christian Bale in the role of Dark Knight clearly decided to stretch the Kryptonian.

Major Hollywood Warner Bros. has bet big on this blockbuster, and its promotional plan has clearly not go as planned. The trailer should indeed be unveiled first Monday in some US theaters equipped with IMAX screen and put online. The publication of a pirated version low quality filmed with a smartphone and then put online Thursday disrupted this strategy.

The pirated copy, although ugly as can be, having been around the web for -even serious professional publications such as Variety or Hollywood Reporter – Warner had no choice but to throw the sauce ahead of schedule on YouTube, in the wake of Trailer for Star Wars Disney competitor. A disappointment amplified by warm critical reception of this trailer rhythmic among others by the voice of the character of Alfred (Bruce Wayne’s butler played by Jeremy Irons), away from dithyrambics reserved Star Wars JJ Abrams. The return of the franchise initiated by George Lucas has also earned the Disney shares gain 2 billion in market value Thursday as recalled by the site Badass Digest, which speaks of “debacle” to evoke this super- hooked on well-oiled usual promo Warner.


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