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DIRECT. Ceremony for the 2015 Molière: Eric Assous and Marie … – FranceTV info

0:29 . The Molière Theatre Musical returns to the “ Franglaises ” to and directed by Franglaises the Blue Line Productions, Bobino. From the Beatles to Michael Jackson through the Village People or Pink Floyd, the Franglaises translate literally cult songs from pop Anglo-Saxon:
0:25 . Maxime d’Aboville receives the actor Molière in a Private Theatre show in “The Servant”, directed by Thierry Harcourt. Other nominees in this category were François Berléand, Claude Brasseur and Nicolas Briançon.

0:19 . Marie Remond Molière receives the revelation of the female for her role in “Yvonne, Princess Burgundy “while François Deblock is assigned one of the Male Newcomer for” Dear Elena “.

0:13 . Jeanne arenas and Alexis Michalik, female and male revelations of last year, just put the Molière of these categories this year. (Re) see our exclusive interview with Alexis Michalik at the end of the ceremony:

0:10 . Roman Polanski receives the Molière of Visual Design for his “Fearless Vampire Killers”. Below is the trailer and behind the scenes of this parody of horror films. 0:02 . The Comedy Molière is assigned to smart people ” Marc Fayet , directed by José Paul, Theatre de Paris – Réjane room. “The tone is alert, we laugh a lot to see these couples decompose or recompose the liking of suspicion”: Read the article by Sophie Jouve this piece we published last September

11:53 p.m. <. /> strong>. Eric Assous

received the Molière of living for French Author We never lie! This is the second Molière of the author’s career.

11:37 p.m. . The Molière of the actress in a Private Theatre show is assigned to Marie Gillain “Venus in Furs”, directed by Jérémie Lippmann.

11:36 p.m. . Uncontrollable! Sébastien Thiery bares (in the literal sense of the word!) To come to Fleur Pellerin bear claims:

11:32 p.m. . Thomas Jolly gets Molière’s Director of Public Theatre show for “Henry VI” and his eighteen hours of theater.
We met on this occasion were last: watch our interview with Thomas Jolly in Avignon Festival, on the eve of the premiere of this theatrical marathon. We have listed for you 18 good reasons to go see this great saga

Check out his reaction!
11:27 p.m. . Denis Lavant Only won the Molière (e) directing, for “Making dance alligators on the panpipes. ” Other nominees in this category were Florence Foresti, Jos Houben and Francis Huster.

11:20 p.m. . The Molière of the actress in a supporting role is assigned to Dominique Reymond , in ” How do you tell the “, directed by Yasmina Reza. She plays the role of a literary journalist … pretty irritating.

11:08 p.m.. The Comedian in Molière’s Public Theatre show is reset to André Dussollier “Novecento”. This is the first received by the actor Molière!

23:00. The Molière of the actress in a Public Theatre show is assigned to Emmanuelle Devos “Platonov” play directed by Pascal Rambert. Already awarded three Caesar, he is the first Molière career of the actress. Read this occasion the article “Words midnight, a suite …” on this piece. 10:57 p.m.. Guillaume Gallienne has put the Molière of the actress in a Public Theatre show.

22:55. It’s time to get this country back on track … and no rails of cocaine!
François Morel, the Minister of Culture for a night, came forward a very committed vision of cultural policy.

10:49 p.m.. Thierry Frémont “The power Cards” receives the Molière Actor in a Supporting Role, hands André Dusselier. Beau Willimon, writer of the play, is also writer of the American series “House of Cards”.

10:45 p.m. . Response to the statements of Claure Rich? André Dussollier comes with a cart full of Molière and declares to be “delivering universal” Molières this year.

10:39 p.m. . Nicolas Bedos between the stage of the Folies Bergère and declare open the 27th night of Molière!

10:34 p.m. . The ceremony begins with a sequence with François Berléand and Julien Boisselier, program director of France 2 one night, imagining Nicolas Bedos cocaces in several situations to present the evening.

10:27 p.m. . Seventeen awards will be presented throughout the evening. Among the most anticipated awards, Molière Theatre of Private and Public Theatre will close this great night of theater.

22:00. The ceremony starts in about twenty minutes and is follow on France 2. Nicolas Bedos present that evening from the Folies Bergere for the second consecutive year:

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