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Richard Anthony, the pop music the voice of honey – ladepeche.fr

Idol 1960, the singer Richard Anthony, performer of the hit “Best of Richard Anthony”, died on the night of Sunday to Monday of cancer at the age of 77.

A p’tite MG, three friends, a leg or two over the door … ” Richard Anthony, it was the king of the musical mix ! An air caught in the Coasters and “Three cool cats”, mid-macho words, half naughty and a reference the new wave of cinema, and now with his voice oriental honey, it served us a syrupy sweets that dogged us brains! Richard Anthony, who has just died at the age of 77 years, it is a part of the soul of pop music that flies in paradise rock’n’roll.

Born in Cairo in 1938 to parents of Syrian origin, Ricardo Btesh travel around the world before deciding that his country was France. And after working various odd jobs, this lover and connoisseur of Anglo-Saxon music decides to sing. He made no secret of having adapted many tubes that had harvested the dollars in the US, signed Paul Anka, Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan.

The success will come soon very quickly. It competes with the ever-present Johnny twists up the hit, and creates what we will refer to later as the first “summer hit”, “ Best of Richard Anthony “enigmatic word probably for a generation that has never heard hissing TER or TGV

Richard Anthony did in the charm, but also the lightest song: ah, it swallowed gallons and gallons of syrup Typhoon, Typhoon, Typhoon, with him! He knew occasionally be deeper, singing “The Promised Land” or “The Deserter”. His career is amazing with over 600 registered shares and 60 million records sold. The success may have made unwise Richard Anthony: he bought a Rolls-Royce, a villa in Saint-Paul de Vence, and then gets viciously pinned by the tax authorities, who will send straight to jail.

Bitter experience that will remove him neither his enthusiasm nor his sense of humor, and above all the desire to regain the public. In the 80s, her figure changes, thickens, so Carlos and Demis Roussos. But his voice is still rock the audience, especially when he sings “I’m in love with my wife.” He knows what he cause: women, he had four children, he had eleven

In love, he was as good food, and its public,! whom he still gave appointments regularly, especially with the tours’ tender and wooden head Age. “

Suffering from cancer, Richard Anthony died Sunday night in Pegomas near Grasse. The “ p’tite MG” departs forever.

He has sold over 60 million records, adapting in many French rock standards’ US n’roll. Richard Anthony gets his first success with “New Wave” in 1958. Then, in 1961, he shared the cover of “Itsy Bitsy Petit Bikini” with Dalida, Johnny Hallyday and . Dario Moreno

It becomes a pop music idol with his biggest success: “And I hear the train whistle” in 1962, adapting the Anglo-Saxon tube “Five hundred miles “sung by Peter Paul and Mary, whose whole generation knows the words:

” I thought it was better / We leave without a farewell. / I would not have had the heart to see you … / But I hear the train whistle, / But I hear the train whistle, /

How sad a train whistling in the evening …

“I could imagine you, alone, abandoned / On the platform, in the crush of ‘goodbye’ ‘. / And I hear the train whistle, And I hear the train whistle, / How sad a train whistle in the night … “

New tube, the same year, “The twist lesson” , French adaptation of “Twistin the Twist” which was taken simultaneously by Bitch Alert, Danyel Gérard, Dalida and Richard Anthony.

do not confuse with “I will go twister blues” (1963). The following year, another big success with “Now can you go away” , French version of Dusty Springfield, “I only want to be with you”, it will also sung in French Surfs

“Sunny” in 1966. Bobby Hebb song was a worldwide success, repeated in all languages, and that’s Richard Anthony who was the first to sing in French.

Changing Directories surprise in 1967 when it suits “Concerto Aranjuez” by Joaquin Rodrigo in 1967 under the title “Aranjuez mon amour” on its own funds. He dares to present the song itself Joaquin Rodrigo Madrid and congratulate the composer, while allowing it to reproduce. This title, which contrasts strongly in the universe of “pop music” will be his biggest commercial success. Is considered to have sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

After a quiet period, he sings “The typhoon syrup” in 1969, song popular and catchy, whose original version was still three weeks # 1 in England.

Finally, the last success of Richard Anthony, “my wife Lovers” (1974) adaptation of an Italian song … As a final nod to the new wave very liberated 60s.


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