Thursday, April 23, 2015

VIDEO. Avengers 2. Robert Downey Jr rails against a journalist –

While Robert Downey Jr. is on tour to promote the film “Avengers 2 The Ultron era, “Robert Downey Jr. stood out in a funny way. Exasperated, he stood up in full interview and left his seat, following a question he would not have appreciated from a reporter from Channel 4.

Robert Downey Jr is not known for his character more docile. And this time it is a reporter for Channel 4 which has borne the brunt of his impulsive. The actor who plays Iron Man suddenly left the very reassembled plateau in a year in which the actors normally should see a brighter day, success at the box office of the film also through these operations “press junket” .

The journalist Robert Downey Jr.: “You are freed from all this? “

But the British journalist from Channel 4 does not merely ask questions about the film and the character of Iron Man. The man wanted to discuss the sulphurous past of the actor, something that he has not accepted. Indeed, Robert Downey Jr. has been a significant period there a few years ago and his return in the first Iron Man. At this time, Iron Man has been imprisoned and cures rehab.

A subject that Robert Downey Jr. was first kicked into touch. But the reporter has not dropped the case, asking if that embodies Anthony Stark “was released from all this? “. To which the actor replied scathingly: “We do promote a movie there? “ ” Your walk starts shaking, you should move on to another question. ” But the reporter is known to have also made off its hinges producer and director Quentin Tarantino. Robert Downey Jr. was he to answer questions from journalist?


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