Friday, April 24, 2015

Michel Hazanavicius: Soon a movie with Tom Cruise? – Staragora

The director Michel Hazanavicius, Oscar winner for “The Artist” wants to have Tom Cruise as headliners for his next film “Bob the musical.”

Since his five Oscars for The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius sees the big picture. It was during the French Film Festival Colcoa in Los Angeles April 23, 2015 the director of The Artist has announced that it was preparing a new film project: Bob the musical .

Michel Hazanavicius is ambitious! He made a surprising announcement Colcoa festival explaining: “ This is a wonderful film idea, and then there was Tom Cruise, it speaks for itself I hope we will do “. However, he said that the film’s director and the cast are still in talks.

The specialized website The Wrap said that Bob The Musical in preparation therefore be a comedy, Disney signed . The synopsis describes the story of a man who, after receiving a blow to the head, sees his life turned into a musical. A project that intrigues but … you! Imagine Tom Cruise in musical comedy hero, this is a reckless approach that could offer us a very interesting result … Stay tuned


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