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Avengers 2: No, Spider-Man is not in the film – Screenrush

By Maximilian Pierrette & amp; Corentin Palanchini ▪ Wednesday, April 22, 2015 – There are 1 minute

An online video appeared sowed doubt and doubted his words. But Joss Whedon has the (re) stated: Spider-Man does not appear in “The Avengers 2″, and the film does not contain post-credits scene.

What if Spider-Man was in fact present in Avengers 2, the time of a post-credits scene that will eventually present? This is the question that kept running in the minds of many people, from a video line-up presented as stolen, and in which Spider-Man made his official entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige had insisted there would be nothing after the credits of The Age of Ultron, doubt was still allowed to the extent that it would not have been the first time that Marvel adds a bonus at the last minute (the time shawarma from the end of the first Avengers for example).

In addition, Feige recently spoke about the alter ego of Peter Parker stating that there was “a kid who already ride in New York in a Spider-Man costume homemade in the MCU” , which suggested that he had a clear idea behind the head

== & gt.; He also spoke to send the hero in high school

But Joss Whedon took the London press conference for his new film to clarify things and end the suspense: he does not know of Where does this video which is a “fake” what we could suspect in that it had not been removed from the Web. The director also noted that there was still no scene at the end of the credits, and that his statements about it had nothing feigned.

No need to remain so until the end credits, but do not go too early not, since there still has a little something in the middle of that generic, centered on a character brought to become increasingly important and dangerous.

enough to spoil the party of Thor and Avengers?

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