Wednesday, April 29, 2015

“Charlie Hebdo” Luz no longer draw Muhammad – Le Point

Luz, author of a controversial of Charlie Hebdo number published after the shooting in January says he no longer draw the character of Mohammed in an interview to the magazine Les Inrockuptibles , released Wednesday. “I will draw you the character of Muhammad, it no longer interested. I’m tired me me, like that of Sarkozy. I will not spend my life draw,” he said in response to a question about this coverage “became world famous.”

Then we asked about a statement by Philippe Val, the former boss of Charlie Hebdo which estimated soon after the attack that the terrorists had won he retorted: “I jumped at the ceiling at that.” “It’s so crazy. He is no longer himself, this boy, and he speaks only in its name. It is not Charlie is not Charlie . It’s just part of the story Charlie . He is in denial of what it was to this newspaper, “he adds. “The terrorists have not won. They have won if all France continues to be afraid,” he concludes by saying it is the “spring of the FN.”

The number “survivor” in January, with a caricature of Muhammad on the cover holding a sign “I’m Charlie,” and the strapline “All is forgiven,” sparked sometimes violent protests in several Muslim countries. Released a week after the massacre perpetrated by two jihadists, January 7, which had left 12 dead, he had been distributed to 8 million copies, a record for the French press.


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