Thursday, April 16, 2015

Star Wars VII: Force woke up to Harrison Ford and … – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Surprise. While currently taking place the Star Wars Celebration , Disney and Lucasfilm unveil the second trailer for the seventh installment of the intergalactic saga. Guaranteed thrills and emotions

We were waiting impatiently. The big surprise. The also emotion. This second trailer for Star Wars VII. The Force Alarm surprised in a good way.

JJ Abrams orchestra this time a second video darker than the first one. Above all, we discover for the first time Han Solo and Chewbacca back on the Millennium Falcon. “ Chewie, We’re home! ” (literally, “Chewie! We’re home!”) Delivered a Harrison Ford visibly relieved and smiling. A relief that is more than communicative for millions of Star Wars fans .

Good to see two iconic figures imagined by George Lucas take control of one of the sagas Popular in the last thirty years.

The rest of the trailer sets up a plot that takes place thirty years after the end of the Return of the Jedi . Very distant galaxy will be at the heart of a new battle against the forces of evil. This time it is a wicked Kylo named Ren successor to Darth Vader. This same Darth Vader mask whose deliquescent suddenly appears on the screen does seem to be over

A voice (presumably is that of Luke Skywalker) declaim. ” Force has always been strong in our family. My father had. I got it. My sister has it. And you have that power too. “

If then connects a series of images of aerial and ground battles. The battle against the dark side engages again. At the head of the forces of resurgent Empire, there is a Sith Lord, Kylo Ren, whose costume mixture hood Emperor Palpatine with Vader mask and scary Hannibal Lecter muzzle. Obviously, the three-spoke light saber is part of his paraphernalia.

The most disturbing thing is the few fleeting image in which a character dressed in a dark djellaba, assumed to be Luke Skywalker laid his hands on a mechanical droid-like R2-D2. There is something threatening in these few plans. And if Luke had come over to the dark side of the Force … On aurtant Mark Hamill does not appear in this sequence.

Anyway, this new trailer very exciting especially for nostalgic for Star Wars original, brings a lot of questions and maintains the suspense. May the Force be with you …


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