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Teens, sex and fear in movies: the “teen movie” found its specialist – Télé

He has compiled film extracts with teens to make “Beyond clueless,” a stimulating experience for the viewer. Charlie Lyne plays with “teen movies”, but not only.

They have seen them all. She’s All (1999), Boys and Girls (2000) and of course American Pie (1999), but also the pleasant Mean Girls (2004), the méconu Sex Trip (2004) and the classic Clueless (1995). “The world of teen movies was as real to me as my own adolescence” , says Charlie Lyne, who collected his fabulous knowledge of the subject in a curious film editing, only made extracts movie with teenagers, Beyond clueless .

As the title suggests, this is the question of digging the poor kind, apparently, and to see beyond appearances. Still young but film critic (he has a column in The Guardian ), Charlie Lyne fun images that convey teen teen movies while analyzing. The exercise made her film an exciting viewing experience. But deserves some questions.

You have found signs of intelligence in the dumbest movie genres?

In a way … One of the things the most significant in the teen movies is that they all repeat the same formula and thus seem stupid. This means that when a movie comes out a little this formula, something very strange happens. Simply, in my eyes, a small subversion so we’re suddenly in a very curious film. There are many more movies coming out of the rails that we can imagine.

Making a film of this kind is necessarily know the rules, know with what we play and have sometimes want to do some departures from the rules. There there a kind of intelligence. This is of course a form of subtle intelligence, Discreet! But I find it unfortunate that the critical point of view on these films is to say, in principle, they have no value.

Any criticism that does not take into account the emotional strength of these films misses them. To understand, we must recognize their power, especially on their main target: teenagers who find it fairly represented. It must feel these movies as teenagers do to be able to judge the good and bad aspects.

But does that mean, however, that these films show a truth of the adolescence, as you suggest?

This is not to find an absolute truth. Because unless you have a lot of luck, you can not pass his teens in high schools where everyone is beautiful, as in these films. But much talk and reach adolescents. It is true that the public is most impressionable, the most influenced. Which is a bit scary!

Sex and fear are, according to your movie, favorite topics of teen movies …

Both ingredients are in all teenagers movies. This is what explains the popularity of horror films with young people. The horror genre is a great language to tell those moments when one is confused and frightened by life, by the evolution of our body.

Some movies I watch excerpts, as Idle Hands (1999) or Jeepers Creepers (2001) speak of adolescence in an extreme way. But when we see them at 15, it does not seem so eccentric. It’s just a good way to show what you feel, even if it passes bloody scenes. The best teen movies reflect this awakening in puberty in fear, while showing a light at the end of the tunnel!

But the whole emotional life, emotional or sexual, is not First a cliché, a convention in this kind of movies?

That’s why The Girl Next Door (2004), I show extracts, is one of the teen movies that make me hate this kind. I liked this film when I was 14 because it is tailor-made to appeal to a boy of that age who discovers sexuality, waiting for the girl of his dreams come save him from his solitude. But now I find it shocking and embarrassing to have responded to that.

By recreating the world of teen movies through all sorts of extracts, I also wanted to criticize this interior universe by somehow. There we are faced with very conservative attitudes. The best films of teenagers manage to circumvent that, but there are still many prejudices anyway. Like the fact that this world is so white. I think this kind still evolves in interesting ways.

22 Jump Street (2012), for example, when the two cops stash arrive at school, they s’ expect it to look like what they experienced ten years earlier and they discover that everything has changed, the way of living in groups is not at all the same. Adolescents have the right to evolve, I found it refreshing.

Your film does reflect a way of loving the movies, play with them at your own generation ?

This reflects my generation simply because it is technically possible. There are fifteen or twenty years, who could do this kind of film? Godard. And he had to go to him all the film libraries to achieve his Histoire (s) du cinéma . Today, we can do that at home with DVDs.

If it has not yet become a phenomenon, it is because the people realize what kind of arrangements do not consider that c Eastern cinema. They consist of sets of extracts as long as Clueless , but put them on the Internet. I think that is the cinema. But it is only a matter of context, not quality. There has mounting film excerpts we see on the internet and you could have discovered at Sundance. Right now, this type explodes.


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