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Who could make a fortune through a Royal Baby? – FranceTV info

Custom official and unofficial souvenirs, financial markets on the rise, “baby fever” Economic A … Barely out of the womb of his mother, a Royal Baby, even a number two, already a small fortune for his family, of course, but for many companies, delighted to capitalize on the happy event. Among his super powers, a Royal Baby may even have a non-negligible effect on stock prices.

While the birth of the second child of Kate and William must occur by 30 April francetv info wondered for whom a royal descendant is a goose that lays golden eggs.

The souvenir sellers:
just under 100 million euros

Like it or not, the heir eventually have, as his grandma, his head on a plate. Table linen, cutlery, cups, but also postcards, magnets and keychains … Like all royal events, the birth of the Royal Baby will be celebrated by a large production of memories, cherished by collectors. Uneven and chaotic work, the royal family subject to any copyright.

If the birth in 2013 of the first child of Kate and William, Prince George, generated 247 million pounds ($ 344 million) for sale of trinkets, the second child of the royal couple could not, however, report “that” 60 to 70 million pounds (84 98 million euros) to the kings of kitsch shops, says Joshua Bamfield , director of the Centre for Retail Research.

As for the production of the official collection of memories, it will be launched in Stoke-on-Trent plants near the Welsh border, once the baby out of the womb. And for good reason: this luxury merchandising must bear the name and the child’s birth date (not to mention the inevitable blue or pink lettering, depending on whether a boy or a girl … ). In July 2013, George had very officially given a pill box with his portrait (sold 30 pounds each), two cups (one 39 pounds, the second limited edition to 195 pounds) or a dessert plate (45 pounds). For the younger, an official mug is already in the pipes.

The village of Bucklebury, where the royal family has a house, also planned to celebrate the birth with another “mug royal” George and his future brother (or sister) will be represented by two penises, said the Itv string (in English) . . Yes, two acorns

Children born the same day: a piece of 5 pounds lucky (which is actually 80)

For small Her Majesty’s subjects who are lucky enough to be born on the same day as the latest member of the royal family, the British currency has planned to donate them a commemorative 5 pounds, 80 pounds sold commercially for the common mortals. The queen herself has approved this small gift on 19 March. To qualify, parents will have to report on the Facebook page of the Royal Mint. The idea is not new. At the birth of George, the “lucky pennies” had already been distributed free of charge to newborns of 22 July 2013.

Grandparents Prince younger discreetly

On the maternal side, no way to make this birth a business opportunity. Middleton have been accused in the past, to take advantage of their relationship with the royal family to boost their business. At the head of a company that produces festive accessories, Party Pieces, the parents of the Duchess of Cambridge had the misfortune to market in 2011, objects celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen and the marriage of Kate and William, and of course, in 2013, the birth of the first Royal Baby (quite subtly, through including paper plates stamped “a new little prince” ) . Since The collection “Royal Baby”, judged “kitsch and vulgar” by a journalist from Daily Mail , has disappeared from the website of the company of Middleton.

the side of the paternal grandfather, Prince Charles, the birth could give rise to a little start in the sale of the products it sells in its Highgrove Shop, the shop adjacent to his residence the same name, and whose profits go to charity. “If a particular memory is provided (….), the shop offers organic baby balm (24.95 pounds), a teddy bear (34.95 pounds) and a baby blanket ( 94.95 pounds), “ still lists the Daily Mail (in English)

Sellers of champagne: the jackpot

“I think [birth] above will impact sales of prosecco, champagne and cake” slides Joshua Bamfield from the Centre for Retail Research. Because in Britain too, occasions are celebrated with bubbles. And not have to be family to blow the cap.

In July 2013, the month of birth of George, “sales of beverages and foods recorded their best figures in five years, thanks in part to the arrival of the prince “, reports The Grocer (in English) . “Consumers have the bubbles out and organized barbecues to celebrate the arrival of the new member of the royal family ,” the website The Week (which, however, notes that the victory of Andy Murray at Wimbledon that year helped boost sales of so-called festive drinks)

 A fan of the British monarchy serves champagne & amp; agrave; the occasion of the birth of Prince George on July 22, 2013, & amp; agrave; Santa Monica (California), United States & amp;. nbsp;
A fan of the British monarchy serves champagne on the occasion of the birth of Prince George on July 22, 2013, in Santa Monica (California), the United UNite. (Kevork Djansezian / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFP)

Punters and bookmakers, finally, if it’s a boy …

Believing that Kate is pregnant with a little girl, bettors who would win the jackpot are forced breaking the bank to expect a significant pick up. A resident of Edinburgh has wagered 2,000 pounds (2,800 euros) on a little girl through the website Ladbroke, reports The Telegraph (in English) .

Nine paris ten are in favor of a little girl, “a statistic that is found in other bookmakers throughout the country” , the paper explains the site. “It looks like it’s only the ‘bookies’ wishing the arrival of a baby boy, joked spokeswoman Ladbroke. And perhaps Prince George? “

The most talented pizzaiolos

Did you know that in 2013, although sales of pizzas had jumped strangely 20% for the British awaited the birth of George? According to the site specializes in the Tactical-marketing solutions, “brands have innovated because they had no choice.” The palm commercial daring back to what pizzaïolo Scottish capable of reproducing on a pizza presentation of George William and Kate, with tomato sauce and cheese.

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