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Star Wars Rogue One: the derivative-film will tell the flight plans of … – Screenrush

By Yoann Sardet with The Hollywood Reporter and ▪ Sunday, April 19, 2015 – There are 10 minutes

Entrusted to Gareth Edwards, the first spin-off of the saga Star Wars will be a very dark war film set between Episodes III and IV.

The trailer for Episode VII barely unveiled, Kathleen Kennedy and the team at Lucasfilm / Disney took advantage of the Star Wars Celebration the weekend to make an appointment for the future. Is the first film “solo” intergalactic saga, integrated with a franchise named Star Wars Anthology that will bring unique independent films on stories and new characters in the Star Wars universe.

Back to the Death Star

This first feature film, already waited 16 December 2016 on French screens, will be the mysterious Rogue One. A spin-off now less mysterious since the director Gareth “Godzilla” Edwards and the film crew unveiled the first teaser (worn by the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi, flying over a dense jungle and the flight of a Tie Fighter towards the sky where draws are … the Death Star) and a first synopsis.

In line with the animated series Star Wars Rebels, the film thus be between Episodes III and IV and tell how a rebel commando embarks on a mission to steal the plans for the space station and bring hope to the Galaxy. Yes, the same planes as Leia entrust R2-D2 at the beginning of Episode IV, causing his arrest by Darth Vader! Rogue One will be a spin-off / prequel, in a kind. And very promising approach.

The “WARS” Star Wars

More than a space opera, Gareth Edwards and ad a real war movie, which emphasize the aspect of “Wars” Star Wars. A film anchored in reality, in the vein of such works as Zero Dark Thirty or Black Hawk Down, in which the line between good and evil has become blurred and where the tone is very dark. And even desperate: “The film talks about the fact that God does not come to our aid, and we are left to ourselves,” explains the filmmaker . “The absence of the Jedi will be omnipresent in the film. She even takes the whole movie.”

First away game in the Force and the “magic” that Rogue One will be led by Felicity Jones, who will fit in the uniform of a rebel fighter. The music will be entrusted to Frenchie Alexandre Desplat, recent Oscar winner for The Grand Budapest Hotel. As for the original story, reworked since by Chris Weitz (His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass), it was designed by … John Knoll, Visual Effects Supervisor of the prequels. A connoisseur so.

A first visual, relayed by the site , reveals the tone of this first episode of anthology. Rebel soldiers out to attack, in the pouring rain. . More … probably pre-program the Force Wake on 18 December

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