Monday, April 27, 2015

Brad Pitt could clarify his facial injury – France Soir

His fans were concerned, apparently not much. On April 25, Brad Pitt appeared the face messed up on the stage of Light Up The Blues Concert , a charity event held in Los Angeles (USA) for the benefit of people with autism, followed by an auction. Following its appearance very noticed some of his fans began to ask questions about this sudden gash. Fight? Cascade missed on the set of his next film, The Big Short ? Allusions were rife.

To extinguish the fire, the 51 year-old actor released a statement in which he justified the state of his face. In reality, nothing much impressive but simply a beautiful fall down the stairs. “This is what happens when you go up the stairs in the dark, flip flops and arms full. It turns out that if you try to stop your momentum with your face, it causes a collision” a he joked.

If the actor could have canceled his visit at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, where was held the charity event, he was keen to go there. “I was not going to miss this event in favor of” Autism Speaks +. I was honored to attended “ he concluded.

Moreover, during the evening, Brad Pitt did not hesitate to heat his card credit. The husband of Angelina Jolie awarded a treat buying a Fender guitar signed by the hand of all autistic artists for the tidy sum of $ 23,000.


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