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Juliette Greco in “Confidentially Yours” in 2013. – PJB / SIPA

20 Minutes with AFP

A pretty 88 year old kid who always has the “nia”. Juliette Greco will launch its latest tour, dubbed “Thanks,” opening this Friday the 39th Printemps de Bourges. “I say no to what is dearest to me in something essential for me, but I want to go up, with as much elegance,” says the muse of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Twenty-five dates already announced until April 2016.

A last hurray

“There are 65 years that I sing, it’s a long working life, you have to stop before no more power. I do not want from diminished. And I’m a woman … We forgive a man to grow old, not a woman, “she added.

Accompanied by her husband, pianist Gerard Jouannest, 81, Juliette Greco pass several times the capital (Théâtre du Châtelet, Cicada, Champs-Elysées Theatre, Weekend Special at the Louvre, City Theatre) and will walk in France but also in Italy, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Israel . “I’m in the countries that welcomed me to say thank you,” says the interpreter of Undress Me .

Closing the Loop

to push on stage the first time in June 1949, he had also took all the persuasive power of Jean-Paul Sartre, who was asked to select three poems to make songs: “I had never sung in my life and it was decided in ten days. ” That night, the aspiring actress, revamped with If you imagine Raymond Queneau, The eternal feminine Jules Laforgue and The Street White Friars Sartre, texts set to music by Joseph Kosma.

History circle, Greco also intends to take if you you imagine during the last tour.