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Grey’s Anatomy: we know the fate of Derek … – Screenrush

WARNING: This article contains a spoiler on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Look no further if you do not want to know more …


On Thursday, the starting rumors of Patrick Dempsey of Grey’s Anatomy multiplied. This Friday, they are checked. The writer Shonda Rhimes has chosen the hard way for Dr. Mamour: death. Simply. And everything suddenly.


In the episode airing this Thursday, April 23, 2015 on the US network ABC, Derek Shepherd saves a life before losing his. Witnessed a serious accident, he comes to the aid of the victims before being itself hit by a vehicle. Transported to the hospital, he soon fell into a coma with no brain activity. Then back to Meredith’s ordeal asking disconnect her husband, her soul mate …

Shonda is explained

During his 11 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has seen departures. Some are made smooth but overall the chief writer has the annoying habit of “killing” her hero. Remember George, Mark and Lexie! Sometimes it is not good to live in “GA” …

= & gt; Remember all those characters who left Grey’s …

As usual, Rhimes addressed the fans after the terrible news: “Derek Shepherd is and always will be an incredibly important figure – for Meredith, for me and for the fans. I never would have imagined having to say goodbye to our “Mamour.” The performance of Patrick Dempsey Derek helped shape has become, I hope, an example mean that young women require love today. Happy, sad, romantic, painful but always true “

How to continue “after”

Grey’s Anatomy, losing such a central character – even if it were back recently – is a real upheaval in Rhimes does not otherwise cover ( “The possibilities are endless to us now” ) But if the show is expected to benefit in the short term.. a real boost audience, we have to monitor the hearings of the medical series closely. It does not happen a Mamour like this …

Images the episode that changed everything:

Grey’s Anatomy Teaser


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