Monday, April 20, 2015

Richard Anthony is gone – FranceTV info

Richard Anthony died on Monday 20 April. He was 77 years old. With his death, a page from the pop music era turns.

In 1962, the singer set to “Best of Richard Anthony,” who will become his greatest success. However, his record was skeptical. In July 2012, he confided to France 3: “I went to the CEO of the box, kind of old English lord And in the end, he said. (English accent) ‘Well, if you want to break your face, we will let you break your face! “.

Richard Anthony loved finding Anglo-Saxon titles unknown to interpret them in French. In the 1960s, he became a pop music icon that time. He is the biggest sellers discs with Johnny Hallyday. 50 million worldwide

Despite a few flashes, its success is losing momentum in the 1970s The taxman catches up and expensive divorces him . Thus, Richard Anthony distanced himself music but allows some nostalgic returns from time to time.


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