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The general delegate Thierry Fremaux, and the president, Pierre Lescure, the Cannes Film Festival in Paris, Thursday, April 16 2015.

The scene more or less the same every year, stands in the room splendid UGC Normandie on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, where the General Delegate of the Cannes Festival, Thierry Fremaux, and its new president, Pierre Lescure, successor to Gilles Jacob, announce, Thursday, April 16 at 11 am The official program of the 68 th edition, from May 13 to 24

Gathered behind a small white podium emblazoned with the famous Blue palm, the two men vie for friendliness and distribute the roles in this delicate exercise in shell, essentially, lists of names and titles. But as in any ritual, we must cultivate the art, hyperbolically Cannes to issue a maximum of dress, including the bare minimum. Some surprises all the same, and not so trivial as that.

First, the first public speaking President Lescure, dedicated to a long list of privileged and lyrical sponsors of the Festival, their contribution fundamental to the event. Even though everyone knows that money is the sinews of war, it seems that never the Cannes Film Festival, unlike most of its major competitors, was not allowed in such circumstances, such a demonstration recognition for it. Pierre Lescure, with great professional, it do so with ease, symbolically opening his mandate through an agreement assumed with contemporary state of the art, where the border between the financial powers and those of creation are blurred.

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