Monday, April 20, 2015

“Dancing with the FN” – The Obs

This is not “ s old fascists or s youth elsewhere” Paul interest Moreira, but s new e ctors of the National Front. Director leads the investigation in s “territories”, according to the formula in vogue with s politicians, in these ancient é ctors left or exsyndicalistes those who vote today to FN . How have switched to the far right, wondered journalist? To answer, Paul Moreira followed several people for more than a year, using time to listen to urs disappointments, urs questions and urs fears. After flushed s impostures and interviewed stakeholders from politics, journalist returned s see with precise answers for s help sorting between fantasy and reality. A countdown of our own stereotypes about these é ctors, he leaves us time to de-cover citizens who share the same sense of abandonment but nevertheless show able to challenge and open s eyes to urs aberrations.

Monday, April 20 at 21:00 on Canal +. Special investigation, presented by Stéphane Haumant (2015). A survey of Paul Moreira, 90 min. (In multicast and replay).


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