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François-Xavier Demaison: “The TV fiction attracts the biggest … – Le Figaro

VIDEO – With Gone on Wednesday night on France 2, François-Xavier Demaison embodies for the first time one of the main roles of a TV series. The actor is the guest of Buzz TV .

His early life was part of international finance in New York. But the attacks of 11 September 2001 have changed the situation. Begins its second life as an actor and comedian. To his credit cinema: D isco, Coluche the story of a guy, Inglourious Basterds, La chance de ma vie, As brothers or vacation Petit Nicolas

Accustomed of humor in movies or alone on stage, as in his latest show Demaison escapes , François Xavier Demaison endorses this Wednesday evening a role rather against type. And is unusual is for the TV, in the new cliffhanger on France 2, Gone .

“Hold the breath viewer”

Apart from two episodes of Do not do this, do not do that (season 4) and a See you in uncharted territory Frédéric Lopez in 2013, François-Xavier Demaison stood away from the TV. But he had a “favorite” for Gone . “It could have been the television, film, theater or even a cartoon, I think I would have done! It really is a favorite for this character cop a bit taciturn. I love the principle of these curly series which was 8 x 52 ‘to tell a story, to get to the bottom of his character. And thus keep viewers in suspense for four weeks, “says François-Xavier Demaison that embodies a police commander, Molina, to investigate the disappearance of the young Leah 17 years. The actor was also seduced by “the will of the producer to make something beautiful, very demanding,” as well as the cast “great with Pierre-François Martin-Laval, Alix Poisson, Alice Pol, Laurent Bateau, full of very good actors to serve the story “He added.” The result: it’s really classy, ​​beautiful and very addictive “

The opportunity to reinvent itself.

Inhabited to rather comic roles in his character Gone , darker and taciturn, was an opportunity to reinvent although he had “déjà do cinema” in Without a trace with Benoît Magimel and Léa Seydoux. “Or even Coluche, the story of a guy where we explored the dark side of Coluche. At some point you have to give to see, we must show that we are capable of doing and that feels like, says François-Xavier Demaison, which has thirty films to his credit. For this, television has an extraordinary reach. I am very happy to play this role of a cop who is much more complex than the cop who asks questions or conducting an investigation because the investigation has a very strong resonance of the personal point of view. “

first experience in a TV show makes him want to continue the adventure. “There is less and less difference between TV fiction and film, he says. When quality goes up, people want to go. Today, French fiction is able to attract the best actors if the quality of television. “

” The TV is a wonderful playground “

François-Xavier Demaison is also a producer and works including two series “developing” for TV. It also refines a documentary for the cinema on a school teacher who was released in September – “This is a film of Emilie Thérond distributed by Disney” – as well as a feature film “developing with Orange Studio”. “One of the series is in the register of humor, the other less, he said. It is a desire to unite the people I met by the cinema. The TV is a wonderful playground. “

After Gone , François-Xavier Demaison moves on two films, How I met my father with Isabelle Carré and Team spirit , a thriller by Christophe Barratier on the Kerviel affair. “This is a theater quite fascinating and funny characters. My character is great: I play the boss of the trading room and I’ll have fun. We will have great fun with this hot topic. “After touching finance and audit, François-Xavier Demaison welcomes’ make films. It’s a dream and with these production activities, I found a link between the past and the profession of mountebank. “

The next show of comedian is almost lying on Paper: “It starts on August 25 in Aix-en-Provence.” “I do not know if I had successive lives but I am what I am. I just wanted to say, long may it last! “.


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