Monday, April 27, 2015

Brad Pitt has his cheekbone swollen … the awkwardness – BBC

The American appeared on April 25 with a scratch on his face. Which immediately worried fans. Fight? Cascade missed on a shoot? Not at all. The actor I nglourious Basterds is explained in a press release.

The concert Light Up The Blues Concert by autistic artist was quickly overshadowed by the swollen face of Brad Pitt. He also took the opportunity to buy a Fender guitar at $ 23,000 at the auction that followed: a way of consolation for the absence of his wife Angelina Jolie delivered a moving speech about the plight of Syrian refugees before the United Nations Security Council.

While filming of The Big Short with Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell, assumptions were rife as to face Brad Pitt. A fight? A failed stunt on the set? Christian Bale also appeared last week with a knee brace on the trays. A film high risk directed by Adam McKay around the real estate bubble pre-2008.

Mutique on the subject at the charity, it is expressed in a press release after being contacted by the US magazine People . To avoid all the rumors, he gave the reason for his injury. He just fell down the stairs … not very glamorous stuff. But the 51 year-old actor is justified with humor: “This is what happens when you go up the stairs in the dark, flip flops and arms full. It turns out that if you try to stop your momentum with your face, it causes a crash. ” The sex symbol of the 2000s is indeed human good. Staircase 1 – Brad Pitt 0



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