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Blur, Oasis britpop returns 20 years later – Rapideinfo

PLAYLIST – The group of Damon Albarn ended more than ten years of recording silence now out The Magic Whip, while the Gallagher brothers could resume service next year. . Back on an English musical genre that rose from the ashes

It marked the 90′s Britpop – contraction of “British” and “pop” – is the child become essential training: Blur , Oasis, Suede, Supergrass … then across the Atlantic, hip hop began to impose and besides Rhine, techno gradually invaded the Berlin streets, you swore by the guitars to reinvent music in the UK.

Twenty years later, the Britpop is not dead. She lives a second youth. Blur is back today with the release of The Magic Whip, his eighth studio album. A disc that ends more than ten years of recording silence, since the release of Think Tank (2003). Even the most fanatical fans did not dare believe in the return of Damon Albarn training.

Meanwhile, the Gallagher brothers may well bury the hatchet. Since their split in 2009 at the Rock en Seine festival, rumors are rife about the reformation of Oasis. British media are watching every sentence Noel and Liam. This time, it seems that it is the right, according to the Daily Mirror: according to a source close to the group, the brothers “are back on good terms and ready to start something. Nothing is signed, but there is what might be called a gentleman’s agreement between them. “

It is time to put the record straight, to control britpop on fingertips.

● Second “British Invasion”

The ear turned towards the sound of the previous decades, the artisans of the Britpop genre together have shaped rock ‘n’ roll, glam rock and punk. Beatles to the Rolling Stones, to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, they were married icons of the 1960s to those of the following decades: David Bowie, Roxy Music, The Clash, Madness, The Jam, Elvis Costello .. . A summary of the British music has left its mark. There is talk of second “British Invasion”, referring in particular to the breakthrough of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in the US in the 1960s.

● The musical equivalent of “Britart”

The term “Britpop” as other genres names, was born from the pen of a journalist. In 1987, Stuart Maconie used in the columns Select to describe the sound of the La’s, The Stones Roses and Inspiral Carpets. Since then, he claims to be the author, although he admits that others have mentioned it before. But it would be the first to have used to describe the return of these groups to English guitar. The term “Britpop” then spreads like wildfire in artistic circles. He became the musical counterpart of “Britart” formulated at the same time, which described the British popular artists such as Damien Hirst.

● “Britain’s cool”

In the 1990s, Britain saw an intense period of optimism. The phrase “Cool Britannia” is a place in the media, to synthesize a period of renewal. The liveliness of the music scene and the election of Prime Minister Tony Blair young enthusiastic. The British are proud of their country, then they embrace Britpop. Artists such as Brett Anderson of Suede, do not hesitate to appear with a flag of the Union Jack. This is to reiterate to the Americans and deliver an English response to grunge.

● A controversial genesis

But what artist actually initiated the Britpop? Experts still pull hair. Admittedly, the term was first used to describe the La’s, Stone Roses and Inspiral Carpets. Yet they are not part of the most iconic bands of the genre today. For some, Britpop was shaped by the eponymous album of Sweden, in 1993. For others, Modern Life is Rubbish (1993), Parklife (1994) Blur constitute a turning point. But some also tear on the disks Definitely Maybe (1994) Oasis and I Should Coco (1995) deSupergrass. In all cases, they have all been instrumental in shaping the genre.

● “britpop the Kings’ best enemies

If the Britpop was made as hysterical fans This is largely due to the enmity between Blur and Oasis. Better than a television series, each diligently followed the episodes of discord, widely reported in the press at the time. It was then necessary to stand for one or the other. Two different cultures were highlighted: Blur was presented as a group of rich kids in southern England while the Gallagher brothers represented the children of the working class in the North. Fierce competition inspired the two groups, culminating held on 14 August 1995. The same day, Blur single out the Country House and Oasis Roll With It. No. 1 hit, Blur won the battle. Today, it still takes the lead. Oasis does it really meet next year



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