Friday, May 1, 2015

The voice of the great Patachou became extinct – Le Point

Henriette Ragon, aka Patachou, the famous singer and actress known for her mocking voice, died Thursday in Paris to age 96, according to information from France 2 citing his family. Patachou, born June 10, 1918 in Paris, died at his home in Neuilly (Hauts-de-Seine) on Thursday afternoon, the source said. “It was a very old lady who passed away gently, gently, surrounded by her family,” said Pierre Billon AFP.

Patachou had started as a typist, before opening a cabaret-restaurant in Montmartre, become a mecca of Parisian life and has seen many artists begin as Georges Brassens and Jacques Brel . “Edith Piaf there has honed his vocal tricks,” recalled his son. Patachou had then launched itself in the song, including interpreting the famous “Bal in Temporal” or “The Ditty” and had turned to cinema and theater. It played Cancan Renoir and Napoleon Guitry. In 1966 Patachou is back to Paris cabaret La Tête art and in 1969 the restaurant of the Eiffel Tower, before ending his singing career.

A second career as actress

From 1980, Patachou is present in film and television. The cinema offers him a great role as a hotel manageress Faubourg Saint-Martin Jean-Claude Guignet (1983). She played a hit-woman Wild Target Pierre Salvadori (1993), plays in The Cast Bertrand Blier (1999) and Pola X Leos Carax (1999). She is the grandmother of Sophie Marceau Belphegor by Jean-Paul Salomé (2001), and is the poster for San Antonio Frederick Auburtin (2003) . On TV, we see in the series Thunderstorms summer (1989) by bourgeois The Tides (1993) or tyrannical sister in T ‘You wanted to see the sea (2003). On stage, including playing the parts of Gildas Bourdet ( The Sexefaible ), Paul Vecchiali ( Dust ), Duras (Whole days in the trees ). In 1996, she interprets the centenary of a female quartet in The Age Michele Laurence.

Officer of the Legion of Honour and Commander of Arts and Letters, was a Patachou only son, Pierre Billon, artistic director, lyricist and composer who has worked with Michel Sardou and Johnny Hallyday.


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