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Cannes 2015: Pierre Lescure critical and shared his dissatisfaction – Sixactualités

Pierre Lescure has not been filled by the Cannes Festival in 2015 and believe the sequence of criticism and dissatisfaction.

 Pierre Lescure

Pierre Lescure / Photo Credit: Wikimedia – Siren-Com

Pierre Lescure was an iconic figure at Cannes 2015, as it has some weight in the world of cinema. Indeed, this man is still the creator of Canal + and is at the head of Hollywood studios. Therefore, when sharing his discontent and critical chains, ears tend to listen to his words. This edition was also important because it was the cap of the President and therefore he decided to confide in particular on the things that could offend them during these few days of cinema, glitter and stars.

Pierre Lescure was amazed at some critical early

Pierre Lescure has not been packaged by the critics dedicated to cinema and especially those disclosed to the law of the market, because according to the president of the Cannes Film Festival 2015 it is impossible to share such contempt. These confidences were made in an interview with Jean-Claude Raspiengeas in La Croix and believes that this annual event has to undergo some changes. Therefore, in the company of Thierry Frémaux, the duo tries to reflect a change in particular in order to live the festival all throughout the year and not just for a few days.

The critical journalism Pierre Lescure after Cannes 2015

Pierre Lescure has also responded to criticism at the press conference. According to some, the president of the 2015 edition of Cannes “ allowed to enter the merchants in the temple .” He wants to respond to these criticisms by stating that these newspapers that attack are usually the same people who are behind publications showcasing advertisements for the luxury industry. He also shares his vis-à-vis discontent of journalists, some harm to the profession on the reviews and judgments considered excessive and hasty.


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