Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The movie to see tonight: Rosetta – Le Figaro

Golden Palm in Cannes in 1999 Rosetta launched the career Dardenne brothers and revealed the talent of their Belgian compatriot Emilie Dequenne. For her first role, the actress also received at Cannes Best Actress Award. A strong work, disturbing, rediscover.

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Rosetta, 18, has just lost his job. She may scream, struggle, literally clinging to the post, nothing works. She decides to go on a crusade to get a new job …

Rosetta , the Dardenne brothers realize a masterstroke. How aptly describe this cinematic shock whose impact is matched only by the humanistic force that emerges? Hard to find the words to describe as it should this little masterpiece. Everything sounds right, finesse with which this theme both serious and upsetting, is treated at the stage of breathtaking precision, through the subtlety of the subject.

And what about providing Émilie Dequenne, aka Rosetta? The actress literally fills the screen in a role of a young woman whose burning desire to find his place in society becomes an obsession. An obsession that pushes, for example, to hesitate long to save a man from drowning because his death could bring her what she wants so much work. Amazing, Émilie Dequenne door from end to end the film on her frail shoulders. Vice shots in small acts of cowardice, the actress takes us with ease not always rosy in the daily life of this young woman desperate to get out.

Sensitive souls refrain, this small jewel Dardenne brothers is not in lace but in realism. A strong movie which we do not come out unscathed.

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