Thursday, May 21, 2015

David Letterman last of a legendary television … – TF1

An old timers just bow out. David Letterman , 68, real monument of American television presented Wednesday night on CBS’s 6,028th and last Late Show after 33-year career. An event for many of his compatriots who have greeted with a long standing ovation at the heart of the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York where he recorded all emissions.

As an introduction, the show opened with a brief film clip with a snap of four presidents of the United States: George Bush , Bush , Bill Clinton Barack Obama . The latter took over for the occasion a historic sentence of Gerald Ford 1974 “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over” before adding “Letterman retires.” To which the person replied. “? Are you kidding”

“I can tell you that a significant percentage of these shows were zero”

The actor Jerry Seinfeld, actors Chris Rock , Steve Martin , Tina Fey , Alec Baldwin Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jim Carrey and Bill Murray , journalist Barbara Walters and football player Peyton Manning joined the party to state the list of ” 10 things they had always wanted to say to Dave. ” This Late Show could also count on the presence of the rock band of Foo Fighters to animate the evening which was also rebroadcast many older issues extracts.

The interviewer renowned for his provocative questions and his tongue-in-cheek side, allowed himself to emotion towards the end, thanking his team, his family and wishing good luck to his successor Stephen Colbert. On all its emissions, he acknowledged “that a significant percentage of these shows were zero” and gave thanks for the many tributes “flattering, embarrassing and rewarding” he receives, in asking that “save some for its funeral “.

Throughout his career, he has received 67 nominations for Emmy Awards , the rewards of television. He won at 12. “They did not push me out” he recently told the New York Times . “I am 68 years old. If I was 38, I would probably continue to do the show.”


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