Thursday, May 21, 2015

The best moments of the last “Late Show” with David Letterman – Liberation

That was thirty-three years he was part of everyday Americans. David Letterman, historical figure of television in the US, has bowed out in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, ending his career and twenty-two Late Show , the broadcast program third part of the evening on CBS. He announced his intention to retire last year, in April.

The host and comedian with 67 Emmy nominations, the Oscars of television, was welcomed on stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan, the historic scene Late Show since 1993, with a standing ovation the public.

The show opened with a little video of four US presidents – George Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama – repeating the phrase of Gerald Ford in 1974 when he took office: “ My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over . “Before Barack Obama added, standing next to the presenter,” Letterman retires . “

David Letterman chained to his traditional monologue in which he slipped several small jokes about his imminent departure. Like “ my 6028 emissions account for about eight minutes of laughter in twenty-two ” or “ not it looks like I will have the” Tonight Show “,” concurrent program hosted by Jimmy Fallon on NBC). His response to the flood of tributes “ flattering ” and “ embarrassing “? “ Do me a flower, keep a little for my funeral .” David Letterman also mentioned his conversion, to take the 32 th degree: “ become the new face of Scientology , “or, alternatively, submit a” number at Caesars Palace [Las Vegas] with white tigers . “

In reality, the farewell of David Letterman, who for New York Times is “ reinvigorated talk shows ” and inspired all a generation of comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon at the head, were spread over several days. The penultimate show, aired Tuesday night, has hosted one who was there over thirty years, the first guest of David Letterman: Bill Murray. The actor made his entrance in the American tradition, coming out of a giant cake – before splashing everyone (public, orchestra, and Letterman himself ) whipped cream <. /> p>

That same evening, another American legend, Bob Dylan also used the show, went to his little live performance by interpreting The Night We Called It a Day .

Wednesday night for its last, David Letterman chose the Foo Fighters, and Everlong. A title that the rock band Dave Grohl had already played in 2000 on the set of the show at the Letterman return to television after a quintuple heart bypass. At the time, the host had introduced their performance by presenting them as “his group and his favorite song .”

“Thank you and good night”

Jim Carey, Bill Murray, or Alec Baldwin also made him farewell in a last “ Top Ten “, one of the cult sequences’ show, which was entitled “ Things I’ve Always Wanted to Say to Dave ” (the things I’ve always wanted to tell Dave). “ Thank you succeeded in showing that men can be funny ,” quipped Tina Fey in number 8. The comedian Steve Martin, he has tackled Letterman on his “ Operations cosmetic surgery, “” a necessity and an error . ” Chris Rock, with known commitment against racism, could not help but slip a little dig on the future host of the Late Show Stephen Colbert: “ I am glad that another White takes the reins of your show . “

David Letterman ended the show by thanking his staff, guests, viewers, wife and her son in the room. Before closing soberly. “ The only thing left to do for the last time on TV. Thank you and good night ” One hour of poignant show hailed by the US media, the Time The Last Late Show Letterman was nostalgic without being maudlin, graceful but not sad farewell, but not a eulogy. [...] The show was true to Dave, it was funny and awesome at once.


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