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Cannes 2015 – Day 11: praise for Fassbender, stars … – Screenrush

By Clement Cuyer Mathilde Degorce, Kevin Janas and Laetitia Rattan ▪ Sunday, May 24, 2015 – There are 1 minute

The program of this penultimate day Cannes: praise for the handsome Michael Fassbender, a princely evening, the memories of Jacques Audiard Cannes and Chewie exhausted …

Cannes is finished soon! This Saturday, Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard were present MacBeth in Competition. Apart from that, it was barely recovering from a night full of stars to celebrate Little Prince, Jacques Audiard told us about her memories Cannes (or not), and the poor Chewie was very, very tired but then .. .

The meeting

Well, there will be (almost) ANY tried to meet Michael Fassbender . But in vain … So foul discuss with the Irish beautiful and talented, we managed to glean confessions of Australian director Justin Kurzel, generous with compliments regarding his Macbeth. Listen.

Cannes Film Festival Video News


The scene

Actually, it is very difficult to isolate A scene Macbeth , which is primarily a film atmosphere. But if we were to hold a moment it would probably be the final battle between Macbeth and Macduff. Justin Kurzel opts for a staging at idle and the battle is extremely well choreographed. It is almost like in a ballet … but a sword ballet. There where the magnitude of the film, combined with the intimacy of combat. Sublime.


Conference Women in motion. The great Agnès Varda, completing about Frances McDormand in the previous conference, denounces with humor: “Women in the cinema does not need help but d money. I would have liked a little more money to finance my films, such as price. “

Hey, that’s sent!


It is also that Cannes.

Lyrics festival

Heard the Nespresso Café, which stands in the middle of the palace (because yes as a journalist, it was still entitled to the Nespresso coffee refills)

-. “You make how many coffees a day

– 7000

– Per person ??? They must be the cleat journalists

-. No, no … per day and 40,000 cafes in two weeks. ”

We need that right huh.

We met …

Yesterday was madness for the presentation of Little Prince . First with the projection, where everything was good to get an invitation, some even reveal their drawing skills for the occasion.

Then the evening, grand, organized in a tent built especially for the occasion on the port. Beautiful people: we met Laurent Lafitte, Guillaume Gallienne, Louise Bourgoin, Tahar Rahim, Thierry Fremaux, Carole Bouquet and many others. And we managed to photograph the master Lambert Wilson ceremony with the top model Eva Herzigova. A cliché not very successful, you will agree, but the flashes of crackling damn photogaphes during this princely evening …

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Chewie, it is (still) in Cannes

The Festival de Cannes is exhausting. And Chewie is clearly not used to this pace of work. On the end, our charming companion had a little bit of slack. He successively asleep with one of us, went to take a nap in a deckchair Cinema from the beach and, finding no place to take a nap, was downright stashed in our locker! Poor Chewie, but how he will end the Festival


OUR selfie prohibited

Recollect you yesterday, Thierry Frémaux virulently criticized the selfie takers vulgar red carpet. Remember also, yesterday always we had the privilege to find ourselves, by a happy friendly contest on the famous red carpet as adulated. Well, we could not help herself! To immortalize this great time (strangely not passionate photographers present?), It was … selfisé. Thierry sorry but we had to!

The memory Cannes

Jacques Audiard is a regular at Cannes, you would think it has memories shovel to share with us. Actually no, because when the screening of his selected movie starts, it happens every year a rather unique phenomenon in French director …

For us, he confided:

Cannes Film Festival Video News On the program tomorrow : the end of the festivities, the last Cannes jolts, and depression … Chewie


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