Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jean-Luc Lahaye attacked for defamation by Julie Pietri – Le Figaro

Just sentenced to one year suspended sentence for minor corruption, the artist brings new troubles. The singer Eve, get up has decided to press charges against him.

Julie Pietri did not enjoyed the dubious joke Jean-Luc Lahaye. The interpreter Eve, get up has initiated defamation proceedings against the artist, “due to significant harm to his honor,” according to BFM TV. The singer convicted of minor corruption, launched Monday night at the micro Marc-Olivier Fogiel on RTL: “May I tape Julie Pietri? No thank you. “

After having ensured he was joking about not wanting closely attend the French singer of 58 years, he continued to defend himself by explaining that her attraction to girls was 20 years than to those of his age. With 62 years on the clock, he should perhaps think about move on as he suggested the presenter of RTL. “I have always said and I maintain, my preference is more towards a girl of 20 years of my age. [...] I’ve always liked girls younger than me. I’m not the only one! “

According to him, one could see a way in his behavior to” extend a faded glamor, a lost youth “. He also mentioned ironically a “Lolita syndrome”. Anyway, the former star of the 1980s is not ashamed of his preferences. It might not appeal the court decision, but to attack those who accused him of holding child pornography.

Jean-Luc Lahaye was sentenced Monday to one year in prison suspended for minor corruption. In 2013, he asked a girl aged 15 to show off in front of his webcam sex play. Refusing at first, the teenager had relented. The singer does not feel guilty of a crime because for him “she was sexually major.” “I may have, but I have not had a physical relationship with a major consented sexual.” He had already been sentenced in 2007 to 10,000 euro fine for having sexual relations with a minor under 15 years.


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