Friday, May 22, 2015

“Love”: Gaspar Noé enters the vacuum – The World

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Aomi Muyock and Karl Glusman in the French film Gaspar Noé, & quot; Love & quot ;.

Official Selection – Out of Competition – midnight

Love , embossed film Gaspar Noé, shares with The Oath of Tobruk , Bernard-Henri Lévy (presented at Cannes in 2012), the distinction of having been screened in official session before being shown to the press. If you believe Twitter, projection midnight was the occasion of a riot and a standing ovation. Thursday, May 21 at 11 am, the press session gave rise to a hustle and concludes with boos.

We can draw the conclusions that you want on the gap between the public and criticism, or on the influence of time on the mood of the viewer. Love love story composed for half of non-simulated sex sequences, may be more attractive at night until morning. Sexual tribulations We follow …


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