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Cannes Film Festival 2015, our list – Le Point

There are one side proponents of The Youth Italian Paolo Sorrentino, stroke and heart popular newspapers such as Le Figaro or Cross , but despised by the Jansenists of criticism. And the other of the The Assassin defenders the Taiwanese Hou Hsiao-hsien, found on the side of Libération , the Inrocks or Cahiers du cinema . A saber film located in China the ninth century is a wonder on the plastic plane (especially if you are fans of silks and embroideries), but sealed at storytelling and hardly enlightening on geopolitics in the Tang Dynasty. ..

More than a great artistic standard, the jury and the Coen brothers must arbitrate a real divide between a left and a right moviegoers, or find a compromise by putting forward a movie more centrist (melodrama Carol Todd Haynes or ecumenical Madre Mia Nanni Moretti?). Until Sunday night’s verdict, Le Point is also ready to play her predictions. Here is our list

Palme d’Or. Youth Paolo Sorrentino

Because his masterpiece the great beauty was in 2013, left empty-handed from Cannes (before being awarded the Oscar for best foreign film). Because no offense to his detractors who see in him a hollow firefighter, Paolo Sorrentino book with this hotel chronic (Davos, where also Thomas Mann conceived his Magic Mountain ) a moving evocation of old age, of friendship and of time passing. Because his Fellini movie alternates at a frenetic pace the sublime and the vulgar, laughter and tears, cynicism and emotions, which is a pretty good definition of existence. Because he does too much (like a ridiculous end), but we know few directors with such generosity. And above all, because we would be very interested to see the fury of the Libération purists or Inrocks , which in condemnations have called the director “d Guest pariah “or” worst director in the world “…

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Grand Prix: Madre Mia Nanni Moretti

Hard to imagine the director of The son of House leave empty-handed As his tragicomedy about cinema and grief has touched the hearts at the start of the Festival. To cry and laugh at the same time, this is a delicate alchemy of which only the masters Moretti know the perfect dosage. Too bad, otherwise it does not exist at the Cannes award for Best Supporting Actor John Turturro the win hands down! We will never laughed so much in Cannes that during his few scenes having persuaded boastful actor was fired by Stanley Kubrick is the proof of his immense talent.

Award Jury: May Depart Moutains Jia Zhang-Ke

In the historical picture of Hou Hsiao-hsien, preferred contemporary fresco of Jia Zhang-Ke, a feature certainly not as perfect formal, but more alive and moving. Through a melodrama in three parts from 1999 until … 2025, Balzac’s post-Mao China shows the dizzying changes and existential malaise in his country, went from communist propaganda uprooting of capitalist globalization.

scéna Award rio: The Lobster Yorgos Lanthimos

This award seems destined to this wacky scenario that imagines a world where singles have 45 days to recover couple before being transformed into animals. A fable tongue-in-cheek, between Orwell and Beckett, a society threatened by dehumanization feelings. Despite a less powerful second part, we had lobster “kill” (laughing).

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Award for Best Actress: Cate Blanchett Carol

Except for a Palme d’Or and Grand Prix for Carol (this which has nothing of a scandal, as the adaptation of the lesbian novel by Patricia Highsmith reaches sublime) , we do not see too which could deprive Cate Blanchett an award for this role vamp, fiery eyes and fur coat, that breaks the rules of his environment – the posh New York 1950 – by cultivating special friendships. The jury may be tempted to join his “partner” Rooney Mara, God doe in the Audrey Hepburn. Otherwise, the four actresses Japanese gynaeceum Our sister Kore-eda too can be rewarded.

Best Actor price: Vincent Lindon The Market Act

Long Term Unemployed in this social film, Vincent Lindon could save the honor of a lackluster French selection, very present in the number (five in competition), but don ‘ hardly weighed by boredom … If Youth is not rewarded in a higher category, veterans Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel too are very strong contenders.

Award for Best Director: The Son of Saul László Nemes

The Cannes jury will probably be sensitive to the Hungarian director feat for his first attempt (this is his first feature film), delivers a masterstroke stylistically . Plated in the neck of the hero, Saul Aslander member of a “Sonderkommando” responsible for supporting the Jews in the gas chambers and then clean up, the camera of the young filmmaker is as ruthless as it makes history director and refuses the viewer the ease of a broader plan. We discover in the fuzzy disturbing the atrocious reality of the Holocaust. Claude Lanzmann himself praised the performance and the price of staging seems acquired Nemes. Unless the great Denis Villeneuve will prevail for his brilliant orchestration of the drug war on the Mexican border in Sicario , pure visual pleasure.

And also …

Palme tube of this edition 2015: “Go West” Pet Shop Boys. The electro-pop rhythm Village People revival of fresco May Depart Moutains Jia Zhang-Ke, until a final shocking scene. The tube Pet Shop Boys is not used here as gay or stadium anthem song for brawling fans, but as ironic evocation of a promised land situated further west, even as the film shows that the Western capitalism is not a utopia

Palme scandal that made pschitt. tie, Love Gaspard Noé, in stampede 3D, and Marguerite and Julien , Valérie Donzelli, story of a brother and sister incest under influence Jacques Demy, but banana skin that Donkey Skin . Read: Love, sex stampede 3D

Palme director who would have done better to refuse the invitation to Cannes prevent lynching the critic: Gus Van Sant and Forest dreams A real chainsaw massacre … Read our interview with Gus Van Sant

Palme film that makes you want to gun down Chronic by Michel Franco, whose program include AIDS, cancer, incontinence and euthanasia. Among others. Read: We found the most depressing movie of the year

Palme film that should have been in competition : Vice Versa Pete Docter, the latest Pixar, which offered the Croisette his only moment of pure happiness and innocence. Read: Vice Versa or how the animation is still discriminated .


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