Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Barbapapa: 45 years and not a wrinkle – BFMTV.COM

Barbapapa is 45 and her pretty pink complexion has not aged. As we approach the half century, the family head of the garde Barbapapa popular with young audiences. The history of the Barbapapa family begins May 19, 1970, in sunny alleys of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris. Talus Taylor , an American married to a French author, came across a child asking something from his parents.

Taylor does not understand French but the sound of the request intrigue “. Baa baa paa paa” He questions Annette Tison, his wife, who explains that the child wants a cotton candy, this candy pink to the delight of the darlings. Hours later, Taylor crunches the silhouette of a man inspired by pink candy on the corner of a coffee table. Barbapapa was born.

Family Barbapapa

But Tison and Taylor did not stop there: if Barbapapa is a dad, he needs a family. They adjoin a wife, Barbamama and seven children. Each one has its color and has a talent or passion that makes it unique: Barbalala (green) like music, Barbabelle (purple) seduced by its beauty, Barbotine (orange) is always immersed in a book, Barbidur (red) is the sports family, Barbidul (blue) scientific, Barbidou (yellow) is a friend of animals and Barbouille (black) is the artistic sibling bond.

Member of the Barbapapa family all can change shape at will. Through stories, we see them turn into air, scale, house or car to the needs of those around them.

The Barbapapa, timeless stars

Right out of the first albums of the adventures of Barbapapa, success is with go. In just six years, Barbapapa cartoon is adapted and even becomes the hero of a magazine. Never really out of the heart of children in 45 years, Barbapapa knows a second youth from 2011 with the release of a wide range of products , from bowling kits with foam soap dispensers liquid: as in his adventures, Barbapapa may take any shape.

Their longevity is now celebrated by Google, which pays tribute to the Barbapapa family and its inventors by doodle colorful.


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