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“Valley of Love”: Isabelle Huppert and Gerard Depardieu in the desert – The Obs

The Valley of Love is called actually Death Valley. Where Isabelle and Gerard are found one day in November, six months after the death of their son, who committed suicide in March. Before dying, he sent them each a letter, asking them to be there together, it will send unto them, then they will meet with him.

Isabelle wants to believe, or at least she pretends. Gerard does not believe in any case that’s what he said, and as he has cancer of the bladder. And the spectator in all this? Let’s say he has doubts.

A large Depardieu, Huppert at the height

Isabelle and Gerard, are known, they are actors, it is even quite famous for that American tourists recognize it. These two have met already, it was at Pialat for “Loulou” in 1980. Then, inevitably, when Gerard speaks of this hotel room where they made love, this room Isabelle said to have forgotten , we think of love Nelly and Louie, the bourgeois and the hoodlum. Already then, it was heavy, it will be remembered.

Today, Gerard made his weight, which we will not say that it is a healthy weight, but in truth it n ‘knows too much anything, with him everything is possible, it is also what we like about him. So it is big, yes, but also, above all, it is high, as it is often almost always unique in any case, and in front of him or beside him, Isabelle Huppert is living up, hat.

For the rest, it’s minimum service

For the rest, well, it’s minimum service. The dialogues turn to the string of banalities, someone unseen grabbed Isabelle by the ankles, one night, in his room, the same Gérard someone grabs the wrists, in full sun, in a rocky defile our heroes they find their child, not seen for seven years or more?

The suspense is tolerable, the film itself looks like a desert. Sylvie Pialat produced it, she did well, but finally the idea is thin and its development is sketchy.

Huppert and Depardieu, return? Not like they were gone very far, very long. The title, at least, does not lie, “Valley of Love” is already tartignole nicely, do not you think

“Valley of Love”, Guillaume Nicloux, Isabelle? Huppert, Gérard Depardieu (1:32). At Cannes in competition.



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