Friday, May 15, 2015

Cannes 2015, Léa Seydoux: Back here is a little scary – Le Figaro

INTERVIEW – Two years after the Golden Palm for Life of Adele , the French actress returns to the festival, this time to defend a European feature film <. /> p>

The coronation of the young Léa Seydoux for Life of Adele appears to date from yesterday. Yet since the Cannes Film Festival has awarded French actress, two years have passed, or just time to open his doors to many international careers. As proof, once again, with the amazing feature Yorgos Lanthimos in official competition on the Croisette. The Lobster , the beautiful Seydoux portrays the leader of the Lone, a resistance group in the margins of absurd totalitarian regime devised by Greek filmmaker.

LE FIGARO. – What is a film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

SEYDOUX LEA?. – This director has a particular way and very interesting to drive his actors. It seeks a form of naturalism total for the actors are in the simplest possible expression. He does not want that we try to play something. He just wants us to be there.

What was your impression the first reading of The Lobster scenario ?

br-s. – I found it very singular and unique, using a special film language. I like what the film tells about the absurdity of human relationships and the world while touching and romantic work. I like going to different universe.

In 2012, you won the Golden Palm for Life of Adele . How do you live this return to Cannes just two years after such a coronation?

br-s. – Coming here is always much excitement. And obviously some anxiety. I am very happy to be there. I have a special relationship with this festival. Palme has since marked my career. This great moment still affects me emotionally.


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