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Golden Palm and box office: What movies have the most entries? – Pure People


It was not until August 26th in theaters to see the film that won the Palme d’Or at Cannes 2015, Dheepan by Jacques Audiard. Having been crowned on the Croisette will certainly allow it to increase its number of spectators, the Cannes projectors with a nice media coverage sometimes demanding works. Love by Michael Haneke, acclaimed in Cannes, certainly would not have reached 767 000 entries without his Palme. What are webbed films that made the most entries in France?

The 10 Golden Palme who have the most entries

Gold Award which attracted the most viewers in France is The Wages of Fear Henri-Georges Clouzot with Yves Montand in 1953 with 6.9 million entries. This is a great critical and public success because it is the only film that won the same year the Golden Bear the Berlin Festival. Then come The Third Man in 1949, with 5.7 million admissions, When Spend storks (1958-5400000), The World Silence (1956-4600000), Apocalypse Now (1976-4500000), A man and a woman (4.3 million) , Black Orpheus (1959-3700000), The Leopard (3.6 million), MASH (1970-3600000 ) and Persuasion (1957-3000000).

So be noted that most of the films concerned back to the period before the 1980s, when the cinema admissions were high, dark rooms is the ideal place for entertainment. The current figures are much less impressive:

The scores of the last 10 Golden Palm

The Child (2005 ) 376 000 entries

The Wind that Shakes (2006), 971,000 entries

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (2007), 329 000 entries

The Class (2008), 1,612,000 entries

The White Ribbon (2009), 649 000 entries

Uncle Boonmee (2010), 128 000 entries

The Tree of Life ( 2011), 873 000 entries

Love (2012), 767 000 entries

The Life of Adele (2013) , 1,036,000 entries

Winter Sleep (2014) 360 000


When Pulp Fiction Tarantino drew near 3 million French theaters in 1994, The Tree of Life , with its Hollywood cast, did not exceed the 900 000 entries. But it is certain that without the Cannes exhibition, philosophical fable Malick would not have made such a big score. The Thai movie Uncle Boonmee e, consecrated by the jury headed by Tim Burton, is a particularly contemplative work, has had trouble finding its audience.

Note that only French films, The Class and The Life of Adele , managed to exceed one million tickets – to note Love by Austrian Michael Haneke is a Franco-German-Austrian film. Dheepan, without known actors in its distribution and have not had such a warm welcome – or controversy? – The Life of Adele , he will make chips at the box office? Answer at the end of the summer …



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