Saturday, May 16, 2015

Death BB King: The French press has “the blues” – The Obs

Paris (AFP) – A part of the French press “blues” Saturday after the death of the American guitarist BB King, blues legend, Thursday night in Las Vegas

. “Bye Bye King, the blues notes,” headlines Libération. “The world of the blues the blues,” wrote Le Parisien / Aujourd’hui in France. For Le Monde: “blues legend is extinguished,” and it’s for Le Figaro.. “The ambassador of the blues” which disappears

“It was a true icon BB King was probably the most famous blues musician in the world, “says Sylvain Siclier in the world.

” He was the undisputed king of the blues. He deserved the crown of the most significant blues musician of his time, “added Olivier Nuc, for Le Figaro.

” embodied the blues to the end of her nails and soul, “said for his part, Philippe Marcacci Eastern Republican .

François-Xavier Gomez and Guillaume Tion explain in Libération that the musician “had a secret weapon: a massive left hand that allowed him to enquiller the most elastic vibrato in the history of blues-rock . “

A view shared by Renaud Baronian and Gaël Lombart, the Parisian, who see BB King” one of the best guitarists in the world, with an aggressive game. “

After traced the exceptional career of BB King, the editorialists linger on the man, his life and greet “the symbol of a social and artistic success” for François-Xavier Gomez and Guillaume Tion (Liberation)

“A first cultural importance artist rewarded as such by the presidents of the United States,” said Sylvain Siclier (Le Monde). And it recalled that the daily BB King, “while still a child, was to pick cotton and work in the fields.”

“With this giant of 89, only not disappear just an exceptional artist but a whole chapter in the history of music “and” a true story of the black American South, “concludes Philippe Marcacci (Est Républicain.)

Legend blues and inspiration for generations of artists, American guitarist (whose real name is Riley B. King) passed away at the age of 89, on Thursday in Las Vegas, where he lived.

In recent months, BB King (to Blues Boy King and his real name) diabetic, suffered from serious health problems.


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