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“Las Vegas Academy”, 15 years of reality to get there – Télé

Insignificant, “Las Vegas Academy” on W9? Not only that, we can also see in this umpteenth recycling candidates and codes of reality a form of quintessence of the genre, a specific of “human adventure” to consume the 10th degree.

Who would have thought that Las Vegas Academy take us so far in exegesis? This is the show proposed by W9 is dizzying. In an inordinate villa located somewhere in the realm of artifice, twelve tele-hooks former candidates are fighting to build a “ American show ” that one wonders who will be the spectators. The cast brings together all generations of dropouts televised singing competitions: Veterans who have never drilled as Houcine, finalist the second season of the Star Academy in 2002; freshly ejected candidates The Voice and Rising Star ; as well as former fans Houcine, biberonnés tele-hooks since the early 2000s, themselves went through the recent remakes of the Idol and Idol on TNT …

Yet another disappointed candidates for recycling program, secreted by a television that, far from its promises of stardom, has more to offer the illusion of fame . No artist but arch-candidates condemned to replay their role forever, “loans to film” no longer living a show breed but a scheme they have ingested and digested. Gorged rituals and talk about reality shows, they mechanically spit out the essential components of “human adventures” as they have seen and experienced.

For a “human adventure”, that is not anything. There are rules to follow. On the second evening, Maxime de- The Voice-Belgium , and judges according to strict criteria of “adventure” as his roommates, a slight loss of power after 24 hours of exaltation unreasoning, do live longer as they should. “ And see not live fully, it weighs me, it stresses me, it makes me anxious “, if he says, ready to crack. So how to behave?

Get a good candidate

Nourished habits and customs of the reality show, recruits Las Vegas Academy to define themselves in their portraits by phrases become clichés of the genre over the years. “ Skinned alive, I have a very melancholic musical universe ,” said Mehdi-de Idol -10. “ Although I am very sensitive, you can count on me to not let go nothing” promises Eva-de Star-Academy -7. “ impulsive and stubborn, I’m a real fighter and I never missed a beat ” adds Tony-de Star-Academy -9.

Tony is the king of the talk-TV. The man who keeps repeating without forgetting all formulas devoted to describe his comrades. “ I like the character of Audrey, she is touchy .” “ Eva, I love her fragility .” “ Mehdi is a very strong character and has a lot of maturity .” We almost hear Jenifer sworn-de- The-Voice , in his big red chair, misty eyes.

TV Talk

For an adventure be recognized as such, there are a number of chokepoints lexical observed. Demonstration:

At the heart of this “human adventure” musical, William Geslin, French producer and DJ, plays bookers and sets professional appointments to his twelve “talents” which must “give everything” “not let up” to each “benefit” as “the bar is high.” “Occupy the space”, “habitation”, take us in their “universe”. And for those who are not “at the end of their lives,” its just “wow! “.

If you have not understood, you’re not ready for adventure.

Small condensed” wow “adventure and universe :


The hysteria is the key. In the “adventure” no matter what is lived, everything is in the way the brooding and express. Candidates verbalize all frantically, as if to convince sensational experience. “ Already, we must realize that we are in Las Vegas. LAS VEGAS. LAS VEGAS! Whooooou! “shouts Houcine, as possessed. To do what? Whatever. Being on American soil, and what is more to Vegas, is in itself an achievement. Participating in a program, no matter which, the insurance be three months. An awareness of CSD.

Experience the adventure, it is above all force reality. Scream rather than talk. Dancing like a child to express his joy sports, weep or sing at the slightest draft emotion. Run rather than walk. Marvel of a painted white wall, giving more character to a grayish convenient. “ I love the white houses, so I find that the objects, the colors stand out ” comments Douchka-de-cued The-Voice -3, who knows obviously not what to say

excessive embellish the view of Las Vegas. – naughty neon lights and castle toc unsightly – offered by a trip on the roof of a hotel. The turn into ontological shock. “ I see this view and I think it’s just oufissime, and then I’m so excited, because this is a once in a lifetime what, it’s crazy what. I’m facing this view and I think that’s exactly the feeling I will have throughout this adventure “extrapolate Audrey. Then the enigmatic concussion wins all the candidates, who suddenly trance, begin to sing “I believe I can fly” as one man, staring into the distance, . arms outstretched to the sky

Overview hysterical:

While worrying. But without knowing the candidates of Las Vegas Academy eventually mean something. In them crystallizes the evolution of fifteen years of reality TV. “ I serious all those times in me ,” says Mehdi-de New Star – 10, captivated by the adventure. Without knowing how it affects the truth.


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