Thursday, May 28, 2015

A French: when skinheads terrorize cinema – Le Figaro

VIDEOS – Diastème The film saw its reduced distribution because of a risk of controversy. This is however not the first feature film to be interested in the ultra-nationalist violence.

Who’s afraid of skinheads movies ? First answer: cinema managers, according to the controversy about the new film Diastème (aka Patrick Aste), A French . Fifty previews feature film have been canceled before its release scheduled on June 10 Only nine cinemas, which Devosge in Dijon, showing their support to French director and will show the film on June 8

The subject, which seems to have trouble finding its place in the current French climate terrorizing farmers who fear controversy. A French tells on twenty years, the story of a young skinhead rage in the Paris suburbs, which will gradually renounce violence and engage in altruism. In short, the story of a “bastard who will try to become a good person.”

According to our criticism of Le Figaro which is one of few people to have seen the film (and not just the short trailer of a minute), the feature of Diastème not lack of interest, despite some lengths, and strength to “usefully reflect on the rough and violent extremist attitudes that ignite the suburbs. Lots of noise and fear, therefore, for a film that ultimately could have a real ideological reach? It is important to note that in France, if the ultranationalist skinheads are increasingly rare, they have not completely disappeared. The latest example: in 2014 the arrest of suspected members of a neo-Nazi group in the Doubs, who said they were “ready to take action” to defend their ideals

The skinheads. do feasted cinema since the 1980s Some films are even today considered classics of cinema. A French does not handle estimation of an unpublished subject. What is new is the discomfort it engendered and the boycott which he is subject. A silence that speaks volumes …

The films that deal skinheads:

Made in Britain, Alan Clarke, 1982

Romper Stomper, Geoffrey Wright, 1992

This is England, Shane Meadows, 2006

Warrior David Wnendt, 2011


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