Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My King, Maïwenn why (we want to) believe it? – Gala

Maïwenn divides the Cannes public with My King. Some applaud a moving film about through love, others speak of a shipwreck. We, we only see the sincerity.

It took ten years to finish Maïwenn My King . His story of love, selected in competition at Cannes, whose only title, inspired by You my roof Elli Medeiros, thrilled. Why so long? The director and screenwriter, Jury Prize in 2011 for Poliss said it needed time and a lot of maturity to tell the love . “I did not feel safe enough to me to take the plunge,” she says. With such a declaration, difficult not to think – and even out of the projection – that there is some life in this feature film. And yet. Maïwenn ensures that there is not the slightest hint of personal history: “I’m not a filmmaker who mixes his work and his life.” My King , as its idyll protagonists, is such an emotional lift that moves up and down within a few minutes. So intense that one wants to believe it is inspired by real events – without doubt the imagination of the author.

Of course, the theme of passion is a little hackneyed in film. From the classic Gone With The Wind The Life of Adele , Palme d’Or in 2013, through Outside the walls David Lambert with Guillaume Gouix. However, Maïwenn tells a striking story about the destructive love, certainly full of excess, that are dedicated Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot) and Georgio (Vincent Cassel). Strong feelings that make crazy and cause loss of self. Many will recognize themselves in moments of weaknesses of heroin, his selflessness, which will even attempted suicide for only stop being a prisoner of its dependence on the other. Of course, all is not to take. Some elements of the film fall into the facilities and shortcuts. Like Tony’s knee injury from a skiing accident and explained by a therapist, so counter psychology, like a desire to break with its past. Of course, the film is largely worn by its performers, the filmmaker knows undeniably lead, Emmanuelle Bercot, romantic inveterate desperate to experience love with a capital P, as in “for life” and Vincent Cassel, both fascinating and disturbing, completely unstable narcissistic pervert. But Maïwenn fifth test key grip, especially in love with love and customers sentimental enthusiasm.

My King , it is believed for its authenticity and also for his director. With this effort, we can not help but be touched by it, his vision of the relationship. No, “it is not an autobiography,” although the “Tony” tattooed on her left wrist do doubt. And because we believe in it My King says a lot about Maïwenn, flayed his sensitivity. As Tony. Maybe not autobiographical, but convincing.

My King , Maïwenn, with Emmanuelle Bercot, Vincent Cassel, Louis Garrel … In theaters October 21, 2015.


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