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“The Forest of Dreams”: the worst film by Gus Van Sant. Bewildering that … – The Obs

When it comes out of a film by Gus Van Sant with Matthew McConaughey and Naomi Watts as saying “the pictures are beautiful,” was that there was a problem. This problem is called “The Forest of Dreams”, the fourth film in competition at Cannes and filmmaker by far the worst.

On paper, yet it had to face. The best player of the moment Texan Aokigahara wandering the forest to Japanese suicides: what hope for the return, crossed with Japanese culture, Gus Van Sant for “Gerry”, this arid trip, hypnotic, disturbing. “The Forest of Dreams” is exactly the opposite.


Why American Arthur Brennan does he suddenly flew to the other side of the world and, of airport, proceed directly to the green forest below Mount Fuji? We do not know right away, intriguing quality of a packaged material input with a sense of the ellipse and a delicate fluidity by the webbed director of “Elephant”, but where already advanced, through music ” Sundancerie “putassière, the coming catastrophe. Funny frame welcome our visitors, such as “There is always somewhere on this earth someone holding us” or “Think twice, life is worth living.”

It is in this tale landscape, people have become used to come to commit suicide. Brennan therefore arises on a rock, shells pills he begins to swallow one after the other, when another man appears. Lost in bad shape, that Japanese (Ken Watanabe, exasperating) away from his suicide Brennan decides to help. And while the duo seeks way out, the script, it borrows that of TV melodrama phoned alternating scenes of dialogue between the two men and flashbacks clichetonneux on Brennan torque former life.

For you see, the cushy ch’tit was very fond of his wife (Naomi Watts). Only a gap with one of her colleagues has transformed the everyday couple litany of disputes, fueled by Mrs. beverage gaps, the cherry bourbon, discovered a brain tumor. No? If so.

Fit for a Ron Howard written by Marc Levy

From the script, McConaughey said he had read anything so good for five years. Five years who saw chain “Mud,” “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Killer Joe”, “Magic Mike”, the series “True Detective” … !!! The actor must definitely have stuff to deal with death and spirituality. After “Interstellar”, he interprets an atheist scientist who begins to believe. And he cries a lot, Matthew. As much at Christopher Nolan, it was poignant, so here is horrifying. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry …” he repeated in a loop in a pathetic confession scene fireside Perhaps what you saw more embarrassing since the beginning of the festival – and reminds us how poor actor he can be

At the end of each press screening, “The Forest of Dreams” was booed.. Not that one is a fan of the process but this time there was something. The most amazing, basically, is not as Gus Van Sant, known interest in the commissioned films and uneven breath, either planted but that such idiocy worthy of a Ron Howard written by Marc Levy, finds himself in competition at Cannes.

Nicolas Schaller


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