Thursday, May 28, 2015

A French: Alban Lenoir receives threats – Le Figaro

The actor who plays the skinhead in the film Diastème, due on 10 June on the screens came back with Allociné on the controversy surrounding the feature film and the consequences that it causes.

A French the headlines even before its release, June 10 The second feature film by Patrick Aste, alias Diastème, makes a lot of attention because many cinemas have finally refused to project the premiere. The subject of the film in more than a scare: A French follows the journey of a young skinhead who eventually repent.

For its lead actor, Alban Lenoir, comedian 34-year native of Dijon, seen in the series Kaamelott and Hero Corp as well as in the film The Kids (2012), the choice to interpret this character is not inconsequential. “Diastème and I receive threats for some time,” he reveals so, undaunted. We refuse to pay attention. Only one thing scares us: stupidity “

When asked by Allociné, he says he thought from the beginning that the road would be strewn with obstacles for A French !. “In dealing with such a subject, I expected that the film has difficulty even before its release and that some operators withdrew from the race for fear of” reprisals “, but in any case that it takes such magnitude, “he explained.

Alban Lenoir remains proud of his performance: “This is a unique opportunity for an actor to be offered a role like this. The journey of a man over thirty years with the psychological and physical changes that go along. I dove head first into the role. “The actor finally hope this controversy will eventually die out, the better to focus on about the film” necessary “.


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