Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gaspar, love and sex in 3D –


On Wednesday night, we had to arrive very early to successfully go a midnight screening, which promised to be the hottest of the festival! Titillating curiosity with very explicit posters, Love Gaspar Noé (Out of Competition) was highly anticipated festival goers – we must say that the chaotic projection of Irreversible had marked the minds. Point of violence yet in this sweet melodrama, but a lot of love, music. and of course sex. Not simulated, and 3D please! Despite a delay of half an hour, the 2,281 seats of the auditorium Louis Lumière was all taken, as noted by Thierry Frémaux before starting the film. Greeted by a long standing ovation (despite numerous departures during projection), the film generally delighted by the visual and aesthetic prowess of its staging, but a little disappointed with his thin scenario.



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