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Colin Farrell: “Cannes is like a circus. But what a circus! “- Télé

The Irish actor plays in “The Lobster” by Yorgos Lanthimos (competition), a single paunchy and wearing a mustache. The opportunity to ask him some questions about his vision of the business.

A lobster, really? One shudders to imagine scalded, foaming and ruddy. No, unlike David, the hunted bachelor he plays in The Lobster , Yorgos Lanthimos, Colin Farrell, 38, would not choose to end in crustacean. Moreover, its sad and sweet look rather evokes the spaniel. But beware, a spaniel of the family of fiery, even fugueux. The Art of Fugue, this former dancer control the wonderfully: or how to win in shining paragon of manhood in opulent peplum ( Alexander ) to better re-emerge, by the grace of Terrence Malick in Pocahontas fiancé ( The New World ). So here this time in an absurd paunchy mustachioed Greek dystopia. This Hollywood had nicknamed “the Irish bad boy” may well have mellowed, he keeps his eyes deep in black velvet, a strong appetite for cinema and life. Hair slicked back, the slender body again strapped into an elegant gray suit, Colin Farrell receives at home in an overheated lodge, on the roof of the Palais des Festivals. Timed Meeting (12’24 specifically) with a strange bird.

If one were to turn you into an animal, which would you choose?

A species that can not fly. Or, if a seagull in order to always be between sky, land and sea. And you?

What does The Lobster you

I do not know actually, I have not even seen! Of course, I read the script, shot the scenes but it did not really advanced. And do not count on Yorgos to give you the keys of his film. But it is clear question of penetrating loneliness in a world where the characters are experiencing a certain emotional detachment vis-à-vis themselves and their lives … I truly believe that this film, more than all that I could do before, is open to interpretation heap. I’d love to show it to film students, sit quietly in a corner and listen to the debate. It would surely be exciting.

What excites you the most and you weigh the most in an actor?

What weighs me the most … Oh, it would be inappropriate to speak of burden, I am so lucky to do this job! But the most painful for me is probably often have to be away from home. When I was 24 or 25 years traveling the world and living in a hotel for three or four months in unknown cities, it was just fun. But now the idea of ​​leaving my son for a movie fucking no longer enchants me at all. Although the hotel is a palace … I will do because it is part of the job, but with a heavy heart. As for the exciting part … Since I was little, I’m very curious, eager for others, their behavior, what they think and universe they are built. I always found fascinating human beings, hilarious, poignant, tragic. With each new film, it’s as if I was offered a new context, a peculiar framework within which to conduct my fellow investigation. It’s fun.

Is it difficult for you to break your image in the movies?

No, it’s funny to change skin, wearing mustache and belly after the breastplate of muscles! The Lobster gave me the opportunity to explore other ways to move and feel in space. It was a new experience for me. I really felt invest the body of a person I had never been before. This does not mean that I realize exceptional performance but as an actor, this strange impression was worth it.

What is your method of play?

If you speak of the Actors Studio method, I never understood where it is supposed to start and Finally. How many nights should you stay awake to be considered a follower of the method? But I think everything can become a technique and all actors have their method. What is mine? I would not be able to define it. The work on the script? The contemplation of the lives of others? You end up assimilating lots of things by observing your surroundings. Personally, I love to let me lead by directors. Some ask you to repeat for three weeks, others refuse to speak of the character, let alone psychology … Whatever their approach, that’s fine.

The actor inspires you? A model?

No one in particular. Almost every week, I am amazed by the performance of an actor, whether child or adult, alive or dead. I’m pretty good audience. Right now, I’m a fan of Oscar Isaac ( Inside Llewyn Davis , A most violent year ). This he can do is absolutely great: so sincere, different, original

A role that you regret having declined

No.? ! Or perhaps if, a role that I refused only because I was exhausted by the previous. It was just after the birth of my second son, I wanted to be there, it was not good timing. Sorry, I can not tell you which movie it is, it would not be fair to those who played it. All I can say is that if he did not move the crowds, he was rightly acclaimed as a beautiful movie.

The role which you’re most proud of?

Oh, complacency is not my forte. I try not to push me the neck … My participation in Ondine Neil Jordan meant a lot to me. My son was born of this experience [his partner, the Polish Alicja Bachleda-Curus is the mother of the child]. For that reason, it retains a special place in my heart.

The Lobster<br /> “Title =” “class =” lazy “itemprop =” image “src =”” data-original=”,M222413.jpg”/><figcaption>  <p><em>The Lobster </em><br />  </P> </figcaption> </figure>  </p>  <p> <strong> What do you do when you’re not playing? </Strong> </p>  <p> I breathe, I live, I go to the movies, I eat. As a kid, I love junk food, cheeseburgers and pizza in mind. And all kinds of cheese, but especially parmesan, gruyere and cheddar twenty years of age. </P>  <p> <strong> What is the Cannes Film Festival is for you? </strong> </p>  <p> This is the first time I come! At first glance, it looks like a circus. But what a circus! I am delighted to be for three days … I have seen so many films that have hatched here. I am pleased and honored to be here competing with <em> The Lobster </em>. I can not wait to see how the public will take the film. </P>  <p> <strong> Which director has taught you the most? </Strong> </p>  <p> Peter Weir, who m ‘ directed in <em> the way back </em>, is very inspiring. His obsession to detail and passionate temperament impress. Terrence Malick, of course, and its propensity to the free forms, the way to encourage the relaxation in the game, improvisation, as in jazz. It’s beautiful to see how he manages to bring to film its love of nature, an unpredictable nature. Indomitable. </P> </div>  <a href=/" target="_blank" >LikeTweet

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